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Rishi Khandelwal Reveals The Facts Why Study In Regional Australia

Rishi Khandelwal Reveals The Facts Why Study In Regional Australia - According To Rishi Khandelwal, The 190 And 491 State Migration Programs Offer Great Incentive For Students To Study, Work And Populate Regional Growth Areas.


Rishi Khandelwal - Why study in Regional Australia?

Rishi Khandelwal Says - “With thousands of international students flocking to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to complete their degrees in the hope of becoming permanent and settling down in the country little do they realize that when the time comes, they do not make the cut for Australia’s General Skilled Migration”. Rishi Khandelwal has summarized this information on the basis of experience and feedback from hundreds of candidates as well as consulting work for many educational colleges and agents in Australia.

If you want to come to experience Australia, study and return back to your home country then any of the 3 major cities mentioned above will do. However, till recently many students are misled or come to Australia thinking that they can get PR in Australia by studying in Sydney or Melbourne. The General Skilled Migration cut off point to reside in these cities has been circling 100, which is beyond the reach of an average candidate. Why is this threshold so high? It is a move to restrict congestion and pressure from major cities and distribute population growth.

According to Rishi Khandelwal, the 190 and 491 state migration programs offer great incentives for students to study, work and populate regional growth areas. It is available in most places other than the 3 major cities. In this article, Rishi Khandelwal will briefly review the merits of few tier 2 cities in Australia.

Adelaide: is a beautiful city that has consistently ranked high in terms of education and quality of life rankings. What sets it apart is its culture and economic hub.

Darwin: if you like tropical climate and want to be close to South East Asia, this is your city. Rishi Khandelwal believes that it can be an attractive destination for hospitality students due to the tourism sector.

Canberra: Australia’s less known bush capital, Canberra’s increasing popularity and awareness have made it a popular destination for international students. It is an extremely student-friendly city with low crime rates and unemployment.

Hobart: If you like natural beauty you will appreciate this city. With close access to New Zealand, this city has become attractive for regional visas.

According to Rishi Khandelwal, another major incentive now in going regional is the access of an additional 1 year of Temporary residence, which for many courses will now allow students up to 3 years stay back in Australia to live, study and gain work experience while building their profile and points for the Regional PR pathway.

While all the above advantages are well documented and are already known to many people, something to highlight is how the regional cities have fared through the COVID pandemic period. All regional cities mentioned in this article have done quite well in terms of Corona crises compared to the major Australian cities and Australia as a whole has done quite well compared to the other western countries. There have been lower levels of infection rates and mortality rates in the regional cities and they have not suffered a lockdown situation for long. This is quite understandable given the low level of population density and appropriate social distancing which is possible in Tier 2 cities as compared to major Australian cities. In fact ACT and Northern Territory have recorded the lowest number of cases and are well placed for recovery coming in the future months.

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