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Can POLITIQUETTE save the U.S. from imploding?

New book aims to resolve America’s partisan divide


Since COVID-19 broke out in March of this year, the U.S. has experienced massive economic fallout and an onslaught of riots and protests fueled by America’s hyper-partisan divide. Both the shut-downs and the ensuing violence have cost American lives and decimated the economy, creating a whole new level of internal instability to the world’s superpower.

Less than a month away from one of the most contentious presidential elections the nation has ever faced, some Americans are wondering what the state of the nation will look like by year’s end. No matter who wins on November 3rd, can such a deeply divided nation recover from a façade of its own construction?

Because, according to author Nadia Asencio, a first-generation Cuban-American writer, artist, and U.S. Army vet from New York City, partisanship is a hoax. “Partisanship is a ruse,” she says. “And I know I’m not the first one to say so, but no one’s come up with solutions. So I did.” Asencio worked in politics for years - “on all sides of the aisle” – and concluded that the biggest challenge facing American voters today is the branding of political parties. It inspired her to write Politiquette: The People’s Guide to Political Discourse in the New Millennium.

“What’s happening now is toxic. As long as Americans are distracted by infighting and partisan rhetoric, as long as we aren’t communicating, then we can’t unite our efforts to protect our interests. This keeps the status quo firmly in place, which is, of course, the problem.”

Asencio graduated with a BA in International Relations and Economics from Florida International University, and Politiquette is peppered with basic economic/IR theory and history. But perhaps even more useful is the book’s debating tools that aim to ease communication between American voters of all stripes.

Politiquette’s chapter headings read “Drop Your Labels,” “Ask Questions,” and “Play Nice,” all notions that run counter to the current political climate but which Asencio says are imperative if America is going to survive 2020 intact. If all this sounds a bit Pollyanna, it’s because the author cleverly couches the hard questions in a velvet glove.

“Everyone is so concerned with who’s going to win the election, not realizing that the bigger question is how we’re going to move past everything that’s happened already?” she asks. “What’s the plan? Presidential elections happen every four years, but how are we going to live and progress together day-to-day? Americans need some introspection. It’s my hope that Politiquette will encourage that and that we’re all the better for it. If we don’t get our act together, then…let’s just say there’s a lot at stake.”

Politiquette: The People’s Guide to Political Discourse in the New Millennium is now available on A Spanish version of Politiquette will be available by the end of October 2020. Follow Politiquette on Instagram at politiquette_the_book Facebook at Politiquette.The.Book