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New Solar Calculator Proves Financial Benefits of Solar Just Got Better - Thanks to the Power Company

Solar Tool Calculates the Time of Day of Solar Production to Offset Real Utility Costs for Better ROI Calculation


Denver, Colorado, 10/19/2020 - As of January 1, 2021, most Coloradans’ utility bills will change from a flat rate for electricity to “Time of Use” billing. That means electricity will be 3 times more expensive at certain times of the day than others. “Going to Time of Use billing will also change Net Metering benefits significantly,” John Craig, author of Sun Position claims. “In other words, when the sun is shining, the solar power produced is worth up to 3 times more as well.”

“When the utility charged the same rate all day, it was easy for everyone to calculate solar’s return on investment. Now with the variable rates during the day, you need to know, where you are on the Earth and if the sun is shining when the rates are changing,” Craig explains.

Because of his decades of experience evaluating major power plant efficiency, Craig was approached by Colorado solar brokers “Solar-Proud” to create a tool that calculates expected electric charge vs solar production. This tool uses the homeowner’s location, annual energy bill, angle of the roof, a typical energy usage curve, and the calculated solar power (on a given roof at 10-minute intervals for an entire year), to estimate the impact solar production will have on the utility’s new rate structure for any home.

Craig validated this tool on his own home’s solar system. The first year calculation of expected power was within 2% of the actual solar production. Unlike other solar calculators that merely calculate kilowatt hours, Solar-Proud’s tool uses the actual time that the solar energy was generated, offsetting the power costs based on the variable value of that power.

According to Craig, this new tool gives Solar-Proud the information necessary to more accurately and economically size the solar system based on the cost of the power, not just the power production. It will make it easier for homeowners to be more strategic when choosing solar power for their home. Whether they’re trying to save money or make more money by taking advantage of the Utility’s rules regarding buying back the solar, homeowners will be able to make more-informed decisions.

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