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Mango Animate Releases a Whiteboard Video Maker That Helps to Charm Viewers

Users can create professional whiteboard videos embellished with lively animation effects and 2D characters to charm viewers.


Mango Animate has just rolled out its whiteboard video maker ( for creating stunning whiteboard animations. The company understands the power of whiteboard animations in helping to build brand awareness and driving sales. Users can now use the tools provided to create whiteboard animations that will break down information to make it understandable to the audience. The current digital market is taking notice of video information more than the written word. That's why it's important for users to take advantage of the tools provided by Mango Animate to boost their digital exposure and market.

The whiteboard animation maker comes with customized templates to create high-quality whiteboard videos for personal projects, education, business, and more. The lively animation effects and 2D characters will make the whiteboard animations more engaging while giving life to the whiteboard videos. This will get viewers engaged as they enjoy the presentations. Users can quickly convey all the essentials of their message through mesmerizing illustrations and voiceovers and capture their audience's attention.

"Our whiteboard video maker is one of a kind," said Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate. "We have provided everything you need to present your ideas and concepts in the most captivating way. You can use your whiteboard videos to help your viewers remember your message and story for a very long time. Your impressive creations will connect with them on an emotional level and compel them to change their intentions and attitudes. Imagine using hand types to add a personal touch to your videos! This is a great way of sparking interest in the audience."

Mango Animate’s whiteboard video maker is equipped with a powerful voiceover feature that allows users to record custom voiceovers directly from the platform. Users are only required to add and edit their voice when creating their audio. They can then caption them and use the text-to-speech converter to make their videos more entertaining. By adding some smooth background and using sound effects, the videos will definitely wow viewers and make them stay longer to watch some more.

It’s easy to charm viewers with whiteboard viewers because of their on-the-spot creation process. By drawing scenes, images, and characters right before their eyes and making them come to life, audiences will be eager to continue watching and find out what will be coming next. The whiteboard video maker is the tool users need to effectively communicate their story across and make people understand the topic. Brands can use it to educate their customers and prospects regarding their brands or products.

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