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Tarun Trikha Exploring Himself Connecting India’s Best Tourist Places

Tarun Trikha Is A Student Appearing 12th, Lover Of Reading Books, Wildlife Adventure, Tour And Travelling Also Tarun Trikha Exploring New Tourist Places With tourism Features of All Over The World.


Tarun Trikha Is A Student Appearing 12th, Lover Of Reading Books, Wildlife Adventure, Tour And Travelling Also Tarun Trikha Exploring New Tourist Places With tourism Features of All Over The World.

India is loaded with countless tourist places whether Natural Attraction likes beaches, caves, cliffs, mountains, hills, waterfalls or historical and cultural places, Industrial and landmark tourist attraction and many more.

I am Tarun Trikha have always been an admirer of tour and travelling. Here one of my experiences is being shared of travelling Madhya Pradesh, a state in central India. I visited Madhya Pradesh with my family and friends and came upon various famous tourist as well as commonplaces of the state.

Tarun Trikha’S First Choice To Explore In Madhya Pradesh:

I Tarun Trikha selected Khajuraho, world heritage site to be fascinated by the stunning temples and architecture of it which is world-famous. It has been my topmost option as I always used to be curious to know more about the historical places by visiting and observing the features of their popularity. On this very interesting tour, I came along my kith and kins, also my die heart friends so I guided all of them acting like a tourist in a very good manner. I loved the place and was allured by the art and structure of Khajuraho.

Tarun Trikha: The Admirer And Lover Of Natural Beauty:

I then decided to satiate my hunger to be the part of natural beauty as I did on my all other tours. So I being who I am, Tarun Trikha moved to Pachmarhi Hill Station in Madhya Pradesh, the only hill station and the highest point in MP. Home to leopards, five sandstones cut caves, streams, and waterfalls etc were the attraction there. But above all, I pleased my sense with the chilled and cosy glimpses on the top of the hill. I loved to be closer to the clouds. Air was passing through my senses those were the most amazing moment of the tour that made me feather-light forgetting the world and be myself.

Tarun Trikha’S Excitement For The Thrills Of Wildlife:

I am a young lad mesmerized for wildlife adventures that got done here one more time in my life at Bandhavgarh National Park. This park’s charms with the highest density of Bengal tigers, 22 species of, mammals, and 250 species of avifauna, remained the reasons for being visited by me as I love to watch and know more about the wildlife. I Tarun Trikha wanted to spend more time there in the safari but the restriction was there not stay for a long time considering safety purpose. Nothing was so thrilling for me in Madhya Pradesh then this filling me with sensations in a wildlife safari.

Tarun Trikha Also Explores Religious Places:

I am an explorer, lover of historical, natural places, wildlife and an admirer of religious places also at the same time. I love to explore and be familiar with the religious facts related to the religious place of touring. In MP I visited Ujjain, one of the holiest cities in India. The most popular attraction of Ujjain is Kumbh Mela which collects 100 million people to the festival. I were also one of those millions of people but not common at all. I appreciate myself to be Tarun Trikha as I noticed, received, and captivated almost all the vibes coming out of that holy hub of the Country.

Being a student, me Tarun Trikha is carrying several infatuations for tour and travelling. I don’t want to explore some specific type of place. Despite I crave for the verities of places with the versatility of features and facts of their kind so that I may enhance my knowledge as well as gather information for various attractions in and out of the country.

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