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Alliance of Latinx Leadership and Policy Congratulates the Biden-Harris Administration on Record-Breaking, Decisive Victory

ALLP Looks Forward to Working with the Biden-Harris Administration to Build a Pipeline of Experienced Latinx Professionals Who Can Proudly Serve in Government and the Nation


November 17, 2020 - Alliance of Latinx Leadership and Policy (ALLP) is a new organization of experienced and accredited professionals dedicated to the development of a comprehensive Latinx leadership pipeline. ALLP will actively promote policies and programs to help inspire and train the next generation of Latinx leaders in government.

“We want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their decisive and well-earned victory on November 3, and look forward to being their partners in helping to identify and place high quality individuals from our community to proudly serve in the incoming administration,” said Dolores Atencio, CEO of ALLP.

The mission of ALLP is to build a strong pipeline of established, experienced Latinx professionals from all backgrounds and industries who will contribute their expertise on issues, beyond those typically associated with Latinos. These individuals are well-prepared to confront an array of diverse national and global challenges and to help shape policy for the 21st century.

“We wish Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain every success in tackling this massive pandemic that continues to disproportionally ravage the Latino and Black communities and bring relief to the millions of unemployed Americans who want to get back to work,” said Bill Valdez, ALLP Board Co-Chair. “We intend to work with the Chief-of-Staff to identify Latinos ready to serve the country and the Biden-Harris administration on Day One.”

ALLP’s priorities include the appointment and hiring of Latinx experts in equitable and growing numbers across government and identifying the equity gaps in key governmental and policy positions where greater Latino/Latinx representation is needed.

There is renewed vigor in the Latinx community following the Biden-Harris victory and there is no doubt that Latinos played a major role in the impressive turn-out on November 3. ALLP will work with its tri-caucus partners, which include the Leaders Forum, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Latino Victory Fund, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials to ensure that the Biden-Harris administration is the most diverse in American history.

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