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A Car Show Featuring A Trip Through History For All Auto Enthusiasts

As the holidays near and cities move towards shutting down again, Topmarq offers a reprise from the pressures of life with a fun for all virtual car show featuring cars spanning generations.


Houston, TX - Topmarq Inc. today announced its Summer In November virtual car show. The show begins on November 20, is free to the public, and will consist of four classes of vehicles from across the automotive spectrum. The classes include Classic Cars (Pre-1974), Supercars, Imports - Euro and JDM, and an additional class for American Muscle cars. The event is hosted on the website here - [Summer In November Car Show](

Some of the vehicles already entered include an incredible [1928 Rolls Royce Phantom]( that showcases the true ingenuity of high end car manufacturers almost a century ago. Fast forwarding almost 40 years and you can explore a couple 60’s Mustang Fastbacks that kick started the modern American muscle addiction. A quick jump across the pond and you’ll find custom classic BMWs that showcase the precision of German engineering.

The advantage of a Topmarq virtual show is that it’s open to owners and visitors across the globe, and eschews the traditional official judging system. Instead, visitors are encouraged to explore the vehicles and vote for their favorites. This show will span two weeks from Nov 20 to Dec 4, and both voting and entries will be open throughout. Entries are encouraged to get in early though to ensure enough time to get votes. Best in Show will be determined through a finalist round of the Best In Class from each class.

What’s unique about Topmarq is that these events can bring together a wide-spread car community. “Your typical car show can only attract visitors and participants from around the area,” said Topmarq Founder, Quinn Osha. “Whereas on Topmarq, vehicles from across the country can be showcase and enjoyed by all.”

Rather than let their communities linger and fade until large gatherings are allowed, event leaders can now use the Topmarq platform to host events and keep their membership of car lovers entertained. Events will each have their own ‘showroom’, which can include as many classes as needed. Organizers can also set their rules and detail any potential prizes.

Covid has shut down nearly all car events and people are itching for a way to stay involved. “It’s tough right now for most enthusiasts to enjoy their cars so we are incredibly excited to be hosting another event for the public to enjoy,” said Osha. “I can’t wait to see all the cars people have to show off.”

About Topmarq

Topmarq is a software platform designed for car enthusiasts and provides virtual and in-person plus [car shows]( While virtual is the new normal for now, ultimately we hope all will return to normal so that our focus can return to enhancing car events and shows through technology (what we call in-person plus).

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