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Introducing Amek Group : Hospitality’s Most Comprehensive White Label Management

Official announcement release of Amek Group - the only hospitality company to singly offer proprietary operational, strategic, and qualitative programs.


Amek Group is a white label hospitality service offering tailored management and consultancy for hotels and resorts. Strategically headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, Amek Group is the only hospitality company to singly offer proprietary operational, strategic, and qualitative programs. Whether seeking to develop, manage, operate, or own a hotel, one of three main business units is engaged: Amek Consulting; Amek Development; Amek Management. Within this scope of services Amek Group is the link between the hotel operator and the owner and investor, helping them to negotiate franchise contracts with international brands, or act by proxy, providing management and ensuring governance and realization of the Agreements. An extensive team of multilingual and multidisciplinary hoteliers have been recruited to create the newest disruptor to the traditional hospitality model.

Amek Group is currently engaged in 12 projects across Argentina, Costa Rica, and the United States including independent and branded hotels. It will be launching its own luxury and upscale independent brand - AKEN Hotels and Resorts - in early 2021. Validating Amek Group’s comprehensive approach; it is the only white label management company to offer its own quality assurance certification program - Breakthrough Service. This new, inclusive hospitality accolade program can be tailored to all luxury lodging businesses. The comprehension of Amek Group’s portfolio speaks to the current favored business model of using remote teams, vertical integration, and a cooperative of hand-selected multidisciplinary industry experts.

Imagining Amek Group

Amek Group was formed by childhood friends, Luis Gallotti and Lisandro Léon Liguori. Basketball brought them together in their native country of Argentina, forming a partnership that would carry them from the young age of 10 years old through recruiting a team of their own. It was a shared passion for hospitality that solidified their collaboration. Both wanted to transform hospitality and create experiences that would leave a lasting impression on the future of travel, especially for their own families. An unparalleled industry background, extreme focus, an obsession for luxury hotel service, and their meticulous nature form the pillars of their fast-growing company. Luis draws upon his tenured career in branded, luxury hotel operations while Lisandro’s extensive scholastic and strategic methodology in sales and marketing round out their wholistic approach.

“Many new hotel owners come from the younger generation. They are well-travelled with great experiences and passion for the industry. When they start their own projects, they seek to create something fresh, away from the derivative, and draw upon their greatest travel memories. Our business model is flexible, and we help owners materialize a unique product proposition that is relevant to the modern luxury traveler,” says Co-Founder Luis Gallotti.

“I am motivated by the value of an experience, and that is how we lead this brand,” adds Co-Founder Lisandro Léon Liguori. “We bring an all-in-one integrated management program ‘from A to Z’. We deliver maximum profitability while executing a contemporary and authentic approach to disrupting the traditional model of hotel management.”

Since inception, Amek Group has grown and recruited dynamic, international, and multilingual hoteliers with proven track records and passion for disrupting the industry. Taking the approach of people over process, the executive team carries extensive international and multidisciplinary experience from several recognized brands in hotel management, consultancy, portfolio, procurement, and development. “This collective of dedicated hoteliers is central to our mission of creating a service that our guests will remember as they grow. We leave our egos at the door and focus on the experience,” continues Co-Founder Lisandro Léon Liguori.

Additional Support from Amek Group

Amek Group delivers excellence in operations, marketing and distribution, development and asset management for the hospitality industry. Delivered through a collective of specialized business units and a cooperative of some of the industry’s top performing experts.

Amek Agency : The program executes integrated revenue management strategy across all distribution channels, achieving the greatest revenue optimization. Amek designs digital marketing strategies with initiatives in social networks, integration with metasearch engines, and digital advertising with a high conversion ratio to increase direct sales while lowering OTA costs.

Amek Consulting : Operating across all stages of the hotel life cycle, Amek Consulting supports the owner and investor in creating, developing, or refreshing a hotel’s concept. A main component of Amek Group’s operations, Amek Consulting selects the best alternatives and solutions for operational advice & audits, strategy in sales, marketing, & public relations, human resources, costs & profitability, and investment. The professional know-how from decades of experience in the industry meet challenges and adapt to new paradigms through realistic business evaluations that provide swift and sustainable results.

Amek Development : Rooted in strategic execution through market and feasibility studies, conceptualization and master planning, financial structuring or brand conversion and repositioning, Amek Development accompanies you throughout the process of defining and developing your hotel’s business plan. To best differentiate the project Amek contributes valuable design, architectural & conceptual innovation, and operational development planning. Through early activation and by coordinating and directing design partners Amek ensures both the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

Amek Management : From international, franchised, or independent brands Amek Management offers an alternative to hiring a top-heavy team of on-site executives. Amek brings an all-in-one integrated management program "from A to Z", focused on the maximum profitability while delivering a contemporary approach through a versatile team specializing in sales, reservations, marketing, and revenue management. A dedicated reservations call center also manages online reputation management.

With asset management, Amek acts as the link between the hotel operator and the owner and investor, helping them to negotiate franchise contracts with international brands, or act by proxy, providing management and ensuring governance and realization of the agreements.

Amek University : In partnership with the world's leading e-learning platform Lobster Ink and supported by our proprietary education methodology, Amek University tailors a training path program based on the developmental needs of each hotel. This model reduces training costs and improves the professional acumen and delivery of your employees. With more than 250 courses created by the industry’s top professionals, and with certifications endorsed by Forbes Travel Guide, The Culinary Institute of America and Resense Spa, Amek University library covers all aspects of hospitality training; from guest service to compliance with standards, bar service and accredited training in gastronomy.

Breakthrough Service Quality Assurance : Created in response to outdated and cumbersome service flows, Breakthrough Service is the newest in quality assurance designed to eliminate the burden of checklists and depart from stringent, robotic service standards. The conceptual program drives to reveal the authenticity of each property - broken into six property segments - and based on the priorities of today’s luxe travelers. The program was designed and launched in conjunction with Lisa Miller, president of Advisors Hospitality LLC and Stephanie Leger, owner of First Rate Hospitality. Lisa and Stephanie have a combined 43 years of evaluational experience from AAA and Forbes Travel Guide.

With every unit combined Amek Group excels with a team of pedigreed hoteliers and a collective mentality that, “Excellence is our way.”

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