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The Best Gifts for Gardeners and Homeowners

The editors of have released their annual list of Gifts for Gardeners for holiday season 2020.


The editors of have released their annual list of Gifts for Gardeners. The list includes an easy way to water potted plants, a mushroom growing kit, and a terrific tool for stand-up weeding. All these gifts can be purchased online for fast delivery in time for the holidays.

A Great Tool for Stand-up Weeding
The CobraHead® Long Handle Weeder takes the back-breaking labor out of weeding a flower bed or a vegetable garden. That’s because the long handle makes it possible to weed while standing up straight. The steel CobraHead blade can cut through soil and tough weeds with ease.

Three different handle lengths are available to make the tool comfortable to use no matter how tall you are. The CobraHead Long Handle sells for $64.95 at

The Joy of Gardening
GreenPrints magazine is for anyone who delights in planting seeds and growing plants. Unlike “how-to” gardening magazines, GreenPrints shares the joy, humor and inspiration of gardening with wonderful stories and beautiful illustrations.

This delightful quarterly magazine has twice received the Best Small Garden Magazine award from GardenComm, an international organization of garden communicators. Order a one-year gift subscription for $24.95 at

Grow fresh mushrooms in your own shade garden
A Shiitake Mushroom Starter Kit makes it easy to grow delicious and nutritious mushrooms. The kit includes 250 pieces of mushroom plug spawn, a drill bit with stop collar, sealing wax, instructions and recipes. The kit stores perfectly in the refrigerator for months until planting time.

Cut five fresh hardwood log pieces in the winter and inoculate them with the spawn from the kit in the spring. Then put the logs in a shady spot outdoors. The Small Shiitake Plug Spawn Starter Kit sells for $36.00 at

Water Potted Plants the Easy Way
The Hydro Bloom is a new way to keep potted plants watered. Just fill the attractive water globe, and the water will gently seep into the potting soil to keep the plant hydrated for up to a week. The Hydro Bloom sells for $9.99 from

Don’t Dig Holes—Drill Them
Why dig holes when you can drill them? Planting augers from Power Planter have a 3/8-inch, non-slip hex drill bit end that fits into any standard cordless or corded power drill. Simply insert the planting auger into your drill and drill a hole in the soil. It’s that easy.

The Homeowner Starter Pack from Power Planter contains two digging augers and sells for $39.50 at

Flower Arranging Made Easy
A new book called Flower Arranging just might be the best book EVER on this topic. The full-color hardcover book includes more than 150 floral designs, all created by professional designers.

Included are step-by-step instructions and photos for 36 flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, fruit baskets and more. This book is a great gift for anyone who has ever bought or grown flowers and put them in a vase. It sells for $39.95 at

A “Peppermint Candy” Gift Plant
Giving plants as gifts is a long-standing holiday tradition. A Crown of Thorns “Peppermint Candy” (Euphorbia milii) brings beautiful white and green leaf variegation and bright red flowers to any sunny windowsill.

This rare plant flowers throughout the year. Its compact size and slow-growing habit make it perfect for smaller spaces. A plant in a 4-inch pot sells for $24.95 from

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