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Data mining can visualize the source of COVID19 conspiracy theories.

Belief in conspiracies related to COVID-19 can be motivated by attracting clicks on the internet. This can be shown using AI techniques.


A part of the population around the world believe to several different conspiracy theories about COVID19. Dr. Amir Talaei-Khoei says “one of the largest barriers for adoption of coronavirus vaccine is conspiracy theories.” The claims related to conspiracy theories that vaccine harms present considerable issues in deployment of the vaccine. General speaking, conspiracy theories highlight some scary fact or grain of truth and try to present it as related and associated to a scientific or factual matter. Amir Talaei-Khoei believes a lot of conspiracy theories about COVID19 are motivated by generating more clicks on the internet, which produce revenue.

Dr. Amir Talaei-Khoei is now working on a project that uses AI and data mining techniques to visualize the connection between conspiracy theories and the intention behind them. These analytics models would present data-supported understanding of how these conspiracy theories about COVID 19 are being generated and how much they are harming the considerable effort of vaccine implementation around the globe.

Amir Talaei-Khoei believes that facing this global issue needs technology as well as determination from journalist, authors and influencers to increase uptake of recommendations from medical professionals to contain COVID19.

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