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Evidence-Based Practice to improve Healthcare Systems

“Evidence-Based Practice to Promote Quality Care is a well-established and appears to be widely used framework to guide research integration into practice”, Dr. Amir Talaei-Khoei.


Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is vital for health services because, “Ignoring EBP would result in patients not receiving the highest quality of care, dropping medical outcomes, and increasing health care costs”, Dr. Amir Talaei-Khoei says. Recent studies indicate that when clinicians engage in EBP they experience greater autonomy in their practices and a higher level of job satisfaction. Despite outcomes being substantially better when patients receive evidence-based care nurses and allied health professionals often cite barriers that prevent its delivery, including inadequate knowledge and skills, lack of mentors, and inadequate managerial support.

Therefore, Dr. Amir Talaei-Khoei at UNR is working on a project to evaluate if the use of a targeted intervention that helps address the above barriers improves the use of evidence-based practice among nursing and allied health professionals. The findings of this three-phase study will have utility in terms of the formation of policies and procedures around implementation of EBP in health services. The findings will be used to inform the consensus building process in EBP.

for EBP to accelerate in the health care system, clinicians must have a spirit of inquiry and consistently question current clinical practices; strong beliefs in the value of EBP; knowledge of and skills in EBP along with the confidence to use it; and a commitment to deliver the highest quality evidence-based care to patients and their families. In addition, health care institutions must sustain a culture that embraces EBP. Models of implementation, and any reports on how successful they were in producing productive health service outcomes need to be understood and synthesised in terms of EBP.

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