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The Maxwell LeVan Show Returns

Maxwell LeVan revives his podcast


Maxwell LeVan is an American internet personality, record producer, singer, and professional card magician. He first rose to fame in July 2019, after posting a number of viral videos on TikTok. Garnering over 50,000 followers in less than a month of being on the platform, Maxwell described the come up as “surreal”. He creates comedy sketches with his brother Frank, and lip syncs to popular songs. Despite not having millions of followers like some of his peers, LeVan has gained traction and mainstream attention due to the success of his music and some viral videos on TikTok. Maxwell LeVan’s debut single Toe Bamba hit position 472 on the Brazil Top 500 Chart on iTunes shortly before it was certified Platinum in 2 countries. The attention Maxwell received from the success of his comical record landed him on front pages of entertainment news magazines and, according to LeVan, led to him being “recognized in public almost everywhere I go; which is weird because when you look at my follower count, you wouldn’t assume that a ton of people know who I am.”

Maxwell recently revived his podcast The Maxwell LeVan Show, and his 11 year-old brother Frank has been a frequent guest. They have discussed how they come up with video ideas, and talked candidly about how it feels when a video goes viral. During an episode of the show, Maxwell claims his show is “climbing up the charts”, but there has been no indication that The Maxwell LeVan Show is anywhere near the podcast charts.

The TikTok star also hosts multiple morning news shows for his school district, and has made a name for himself locally by performing magic on members of Congress, School Board staff, and celebrities as well as homeless, less fortunate, and non-English speaking kids. “There’s no barrier in magic. I don’t have to say anything. Magic is something that brings us all together; everyone loses their ego and sense of status when they see something incredible, and that’s what I live for.”

He brings his close up magic into new settings and environments, showcasing the diversity of his skills. LeVan likes to perform one-on-one card magic, and has described it as “being able to walk into any room and knowing that i can amaze anyone in that room…it’s incredible…”

Maxwell LeVan has earned recognition from magicians across the board, such as Chris Kenner (David Copperfield’s executive producer) and Damien O’Brien, finalist on Britain’s Got Talent 2020. He continues to blow minds and innovate the craft as a beacon to the new generation of young magicians.

Inspired by the public embrace of “that magic kid”, LeVan launched a clothing store of the same name, and is encouraging people, whether they are magicians or not, to embrace their inner Magic Kid by being themselves and not complying with societal standards. This is his third major merchandise drop, after a deal with Bonfire fell through in 2018. He currently owns Team LeVan Merchandise and That Magic Kid. Maxwell has also worked with a number of sponsors, including Curology and Bang Energy. Although it has not been confirmed, MarketWatch reports that Maxwell LeVan’s net worth is an estimated $40,000.

LeVan plans to finish high school and pursue social media and magic full-time, while producing music for other rappers in his free time as well. Not in a hurry to move to Los Angeles after high school, Maxwell wants to save his money “until the time is right”. Despite only being 17 years old, Maxwell has crafted a demographic of all ages and backgrounds through the variety of content he produces. In an interview he stated this is “the tip of the iceberg in a sense. I haven’t even started yet.”

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