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Revolutionary Running Shoes – 20+ Years In The Making

Hann Shoes received a new round of funding from a local Valparaiso, Indian investor group and is gearing up for their Kickstarter launch to bring to market a revolutionary shoe technology to help reduce pain for everyone whether they’re standing, walking, or running.


{Valparaiso Indiana, 12/29/20} – Hann Athletics LLC announced today that it has completed a new round of financing with a local investor group. With new investment, Hann Shoes has been infused with fresh excitement and enthusiasm to bring their patented energy return shoes to market.

Founder and Inventor Lenn Rockford Hann was inspired back in 1997, when he ran a half marathon on the moving rubber walkways at O’Hare International Airport. Afterward, it didn’t take long for Hann to realize he felt less fatigued than normal, plus his running time had improved by an impressive 15-minutes. Lenn began to research how he could replicate the spring-like feel of the moving walkways in a shoe. His research eventually led to a specially designed carbon fiber suspension ellipses that stores energy from ground contact and returns that energy to the wearer.

Lenn’s intuition was correct and Hann Shoes quickly gained the attention of some of the world’s leading shoe brands. Determined that his full suspension technology was designed for everyone and not just runners, Lenn turned down too-constrictive offers with the intention of bringing Hann Shoes to market on his own, so everyone could benefit from the technology.

Key features and benefits of Hann Shoes include:

- Feel less fatigue whether you’re running, walking, or standing all day
- Reduces existing pain for wearers by lowering impact
- Two elliptical carbon fiber suspensions act as energy storage cells that store and return energy to the wearer

Almost two decades later and more patents filed, Lenn and his new team of investors have their sights set on a successful Kickstarter.

“Our goal is to empower everyone to live their best lives. If we can make the experience of getting out walking around the block or jogging a little bit more enjoyable and embraceable, imagine what it could do for everyone’s health! And that’s what we’re all about.” – Lenn Hann

The Kickstarter is set to launch on January 25th, 2021, where for the first time, the shoes will be available to everyone!

About Hann Shoes

Hann Shoes is a revolutionary carbon fiber suspension shoe that stores and returns energy to its wearers. We exist to empower everyone to live their best life through the world’s leading fatigue & injury reduction footwear design & technology. Being active is an asset for our mental and physical wellbeing, but sometimes we have aches and pains that deter us. At Hann Shoes, we've designed a shoe to help everyone be active so we can all activate our full potential, achieve our best, and begin each day in a better place.

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