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HKM Saharan (Hibbathul Kareem Mohammed Saharan): Became the First South Asian from Sri Lanka to be on “Tea with GaryVee” Show

HKM Saharan (Hibbathul Kareem Mohammed Saharan) is a teenager from Sri Lanka, South East Asia. He was born in Colombo on the nineteenth of June 2000.


Becoming an influential personality from scratch requires great and unrelenting responsibilities, this was the story of HKM Saharan who inspires wonders and encourages youths to influence passion as well as determination, commitment, and hard work in whatever chosen field of career. His passion to pursue his vision without looking back result in earning honors as well as breaking records to become the first South Asian to be on a “Tea with GaryVee” (Gary Vayner-Chuck) in the mid of year 2020.

Who is HKM Saharan?
HKM Saharan (Hibbathul Kareem Mohammed Saharan) is a teenager from an Island called Sri Lanka, South East Asia. He was born in Colombo on the nineteenth of June 2000.

He is an extremely enthusiastic and innovative person who has used social media as a turning point in his life. He always wants to make videos, designs, and creative things to change rule his world. HKM Saharan began his first YouTube channel (HKMS) when he was 16, his enthusiasm to make recordings at that point started. He builds his followers from zero to thousands.

Education history
HKM was a great student during his schooling. He had different visions that he desires to accomplish. But his teachers could not withstand his passion and commitment, they just needed him to accomplish school-related work. He was an HND in Software Engineering student for over a year, before he dropped out to pursue his dream.

Saharan demonstrated that school life and certificate are not the major priority of fulfilled life. Also, his fantasies don’t stop there, he has his marking plans for his future. And HKM esteems his enthusiasm above an endorsement. Yet, this young guy didn’t allow any odds to obstruct him from his goals. He continued transferring recordings as well as hustling.

HKM Saharan is currently a Creative Director in an organization called Pufferfish in Sri Lanka. Also, he is working under an Intensive Communications Program by Pufferfish. He was an awful understudy, yet now he is chipping away at an Educational Industry.

Bigger Picture
HKM Saharan is a passionate prodigy in content creation and social media activist, who is an expert in designing and editing. Presently, he has a decent adherent base on his Social Media and he has teamed up with a ton of Big Celebrities around the world which includes GaryVee, ZOX, Daraz.LK, etc.). Moreover, Saharan collaborated with some of the internationally recognized people in the field of branding, causing him a great fortune of taking his name as well as the country’s name worldwide.

Conversation between HKM Saharan & GaryVee during Tea with GaryVee

HKM Saharan become the first South Asian on Tea with GaryVee. He was privileged to take part in the live talk show known as “Tea with GaryVee”. A live talk that boosts his vision, and GaryVee, became the mentor and the inspiration of HKM Saharan. Moreover, Gary Vayner-Chuck is a Belarusian-American business visionary, a New York Times top-rated creator, web character, and speaker. He’s the administrator of the New York-based interchanges organization called VaynerX as well as the CEO of the auxiliary organization Vaynermedia.

HKM Saharan hustled his way through on Twitter to get featured on the “Tea with GaryVee” show and found the opportunity to converse with Gary Vayner-Chuck (GaryVee) that will make GaryVee be his follower, and HKM proved his skill, as well as hard work, consistently pays off which led to followed by GaryVee on both Twitter and Instagram which is the high points of Saharan’s achievement because being on Tea with GaryVee isn’t an easy task. GaryVee valued him for asking, and GaryVee followed HKM Saharan! (hkmsaharan).

Other teamwork of HKM Saharan

HKM Saharan has partnered with a lot of internationally recognized people and companies, for instance,, CraftACase, as well as ZOX.

Worked with various Sri Lankan celebrities such as Iraj, DKM Music, Maniya, Kalumalli, and Gappiya.
One of his Instagram accounts “world_record_hopper” got recognized by a lot of celebrities and Sri Lankan companies like Ramod Malaka, Kaizer Kaiz, SL Geek, Sheshadrie Priyasad, Tehani Imara, Roar Media, Pulse LK, Rohitha Rajapaksha, Otara Gunawardene, Yureni Noshika, Bhanuka Harichandra, Chanuka Mora and more.

A Quote from HKM Saharan

“Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and all the big names begin the journey with a dream — what was once just a thought. The beginning of my journey is no different.”
Finally, according to HKM Saharan, “my dream was born at the age of 16. A passion grew up inside me to build an audience. In the backdrop, I built my personal brand i.e., HKM Saharan (hkmsaharan), with having more than 10,000 followers on Instagram, I have a YouTube channel — Gon Athal with more than 550,700 total views and more than 7000 Subscribers.

My content mostly concerns Tech, Graphics, and Editing videos. I also happen to have an equal number of followers on other social media platforms such as TikTok and Facebook.
This justifies my expertise in social media. One of my greatest strengths is I know how to make relatable content for various clients. I also show considerable dexterity to help you build your personal as well as business brand. Whilst working with me, you will learn the hidden aspects of social media and give a right to your social presence.” HKM Saharan added!

Contact of HKM Saharan:

Contact Info
Omoasegun Global Links
P.O. Box 101

Phone: 08065871788