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PixelPlex Presents Its Wealth and Portfolio Management Platform

PixelPlex, an experienced blockchain developer, has introduced its hedge fund portfolio management software, which aims to communicate cryptocurrency trading strategies and opportunities.


Being a FinTech solutions provider, PixelPlex has created an advanced crypto fund manager software, capable of addressing banking and finance issues. OTC Hawk ( brings a number of benefits. This enterprise portfolio management software can create smart investment algorithms, develop customized cryptocurrency and fiat portfolios, enhance customer engagement, and even give access to multiple exchanges.

As the company’s developers state, they’ve taken into account lots of aspects before launching OTC Hawk. Now the platform puts forward a lot of features, which enable users to excel in their businesses. These features comprise direct access via API/UI, intuitive UX, custom cryptocurrency trading strategies, high liquidity as well as lower operational costs. Just as importantly, OTC Hawk is also integrated with automated KYC/AML, liquidity providers, exchanges, custodian services, insurance, and contains a help desk that functions as a personal assistant.

PixelPlex also mentions that thanks to the wealth management platform, it’s possible to minimize risks while handling large currency volumes, and quote strike prices for entire order blocks with instant execution. Furthermore, customers can enjoy private and personalized services as PixelPlex can integrate its wealth and portfolio management app with the custody platform that fits trading partners’ requirements best. In addition, the company ensures full compliance with the clients’ standards to guarantee market integrity.

The portfolio management software comes in handy to enterprise-scale businesses and their clients and/or partners. It deals with crypto trading pain points and manages high-risk and high-value assets. Thanks to OTC Hawk, banking and finance institutions, for example, can easily access critical data right away whereas medium-to-large-scale traders can keep track of high-profit deal opportunities, and be the first to grab game-changing transactions. Among other cross-industry OTC market contributors who take advantage of the platform are broker-dealers, interdealer quotation systems, eCommerce businesses.

To secure a satisfying result for its customers, PixelPlex analyzes a business case and plans the solution implementation, sets up a scalable infrastructure, provides live service testing and an introduction, carries out continuous support as per the service-level agreement (SLA).
About PixelPlex: PixelPlex, a blockchain service provider, has successfully deployed 50+ blockchain projects and tackled its clients’ challenges with due consideration of their domain specifics. The PixelPlex team is perfectly capable of handling projects of any size regardless of their complexity.

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