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‘Florida Man’ Bobby Blakdout, catches COVID after making COVID

2020 was a hard year for many due to the coronavirus pandemic, so one Florida Man decided early in the year to take it with stride not knowing the irony that was set to take place. The 32 year old man, made multiple "skit" songs referencing the virus as well as a "Skit" video. This same man ended up catching COVID later that year!


Florida based Artist, Producer & Entrepreneur, Robert Lindsey, 32, from New York, known for breaking top charts in the EDM industry in 2016 Under the alias "Bobby Blakdout" while also exposing the music industry's "hoax" of botnets, has landed in an Ironic situation.

Robert released 2 songs and a video considered "comedic skits" which referenced the Corona Virus. After making a "skit" shooting an inflatable bottle of Corona, Robert decided to make an EDM track under his Alias "Bobby Blakdout" called "CHINA" which utilized sound bites of Donald Trump from a speech given regarding the virus. He also went on to release a freestyle on a beat he produced called "Corona Viral" under his alias "Gucci Savage" which was funny, catchy and lyrically mind-blowing compared to what most "artists" are taking time to write and record in multiple takes!

Little did he know that months later he would be battling the Virus! He says "The Irony surrounding the situation makes you think" but overall Robert says his health has improved! He has noticed what he calls "Lingering Effects" but plans on releasing the story in an interview as well as diving deeper down the hoax of rabbit hole called the music industry.

Leave it to a 'Florida Man' to make multiple pieces of comedic media regarding a virus that he ends up catching!

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