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A current software company working with Screen Printing and Embroidery companies during these hard times.


Large pharmaceutical companies like Moderna and Pfizer have done an outstanding job developing a vaccine against Covid. There is a small company based out of Boston doing their part to help a niche industry keep their businesses going during this unprecedented time at a very affordable price. There are thousands of screen printing and embroidery companies, otherwise known as embellishment companies, across the United States that have felt their fair share of pain dealing with unprecedented business issues and are quickly trying to adapt with pandemic friendly procedures. Many shops have cut back hours, had major layoffs and some have had to permanently close their doors after 20 or 30+ years in business.

Shirt Designs Online (division of Online Design Studios) offers a SAAS (Software As A Service) product where embellishment companies, small and large, can now offer a low cost online garment designer on their website for their customers. The cost is as low as $29 per month and starts with a one month free trial. We found that Shirt Designs Online has a great niche product for this niche industry. Their idea is based on the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) ideology. It is a fast, low cost, easy to use garment designer for embellishment company’s websites. The garment designer is developed so that anyone, young or old can pick a t-shirt and put a simple or complex design on it in a matter of minutes. After the customer picks the item sizes, colors and fills out a contact form, the information is sent to the Shirt Designs Online client for processing.

Many years ago embellishment companies realized the need to offer an online garment designer on their website, but found the high startup and monthly cost to be prohibitive. As the rise of companies like Vista Print and Custom Ink began to take a large amount of the online market, these shops needed to adapt if they wanted to compete online.

Shirt Designs Online launched in 2016 and most of the staff has a background in the embellishment industry, that experience carries into the software/SAAS industry offering a better understanding of their customer’s needs, and their customers customer’s needs. Although there are other companies that have been around for years offering a similar service, our research and interviews with people in the industry indicate those companies try to “do too much” and “make things way too complicated”. Shirt Designs Online has a simpler approach that appeals to customers, instead of overwhelming the customer with a huge task they keep it simple, focusing on what the customer is trying to accomplish, which is to design a shirt.

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