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Recovery From Alcoholism And Drug Abuse Can Be Achieved Through Faith, Hope And Courage Says Harriet Hunter, Award-Winning Author Of Miracles Of Recovery

Hunter's award-winning book, “Miracles Of Recovery: Daily Meditations Of Hope, Courage and Faith,” features 365-powerful daily inspirations based on the A.A. 12 Step Program.


Alcoholism is not a recent phenomenon. Alcoholism and other forms of addiction have been with us for thousands of years. Unfortunately, the situation is worsening today. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found increases in all categories and age groups in their 2019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. COVID, and all of its residual hardships, have dramatically accentuated the number being reported, including deaths from alcoholism, drugs and suicide.

Nobody is immune. Those who suffer from alcoholism can be found from the boardroom to the mail room. Celebrities who have battled alcohol addiction include the late Amy Winehouse, Shia LaBeouf, Bradley Cooper, Mel Gibson and Janeane Garofalo to name a few. Some of our coworkers, some of our neighbors and most likely some of our family members continue to suffer, most often in silence from alcoholism and drug abuse.

While there are many treatment approaches and programs, what is common to all successful individuals within a substance abuse program is the pain and the loneliness shared, together with an ongoing support system for the person battling the disease. That support system is what Harriet Hunter provides in Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith.

Featuring 365-daily inspirations. Miracles of Recovery was written not just for those addicted, but for the parents, the spouses - anyone touched by the disease because addiction is absolutely a family affair. Using the 12-Steps as its foundation, Miracles of Recovery embraces a holistic solution as a practical approach for those who must face life on life's terms, clean and sober. Encouraging and thought-provoking, Miracles of Recovery inspires with Universal Truths, “because,” Harriet says, “Once we know better, we do better.” Miracles of Recovery is written to show through example how to achieve long-term sobriety, regardless of what happens in one's life and brings a personal, sometimes raw reflection of the truth about addiction seldom seen elsewhere.

The new book encourages readers to embrace healthy, positive thoughts by taking the necessary actions to reinforce this new way of thinking. Miracles of Recovery provides the tools necessary to work the 12 Steps and change one's life by changing one’s perspective. It suggests that readers "Do life differently," through exercises, solutions, and methods to improve self-esteem, confidence, and embrace a profound sense of hope needed to succeed. The author encourages the reader to embrace the belief that, regardless of challenges life presents, “NOTHING can change the course of recovery when you keep yourself, your sobriety, and your Higher Power first in your lives.” In short, Miracles of Recovery offers hope where there is none through a simple program of actions for complicated people.

“Without the gift of desperation, (where we see ourselves overlooking the great crevasse of life or death,) we would never be able to face our own denial enough to admit that alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases of perception and that we would die trying to overcome,” Hunter stated. “In chronic drinkers gravely affected, we understand that alcoholism is progressive which makes it particularly deadly. People die not because of lengthy years of sobriety, and then they slip, but rather because they forget we are never cured, only through abstinence. We are not, ‘Like normal people, nor will we ever be.’ For instance, those of us in long-term recovery understand that once we cross that imaginary line of no return into alcoholic or drug insanity, we can never return to a normal life. We’ve heard it said ‘We cannot change a pickle back into a cucumber.’ We live with and understand the depth of our allergy, the psychological and long-term, often irreversible physiological effects our disease has on us.

“Alcoholism is well documented as being a three-fold disease that, once we pass through the phenomenon of craving, affects us physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is not a situation of weakness, of sloth, or of being pulled up by our bootstraps. ‘If it were that easy to quit there would BE no alcoholism!’ ‘We are drinking to overcome a craving beyond our mental control.’ (Taken from AA, page xxx}”

Hunter has received rave reviews for her work from readers and reviewers alike. Vernita Taylor of Readers Favorite stated, “Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage, and Faith by Harriet Hunter is a great choice if you’re struggling with addiction because it offers a full year of inspiration and affirmations which I enjoyed. I see this book as a mentor or sponsor that is walking by your side and helping to lead you to a better, more improved you while teaching you how to deal with your stressors. The best teacher is someone who has been there and done that and this book doesn’t disappoint. The author knows first-hand what it takes and how it feels to be addicted, and the journey to recovery. If you need help along your journey, pick up a copy of this book; it’s highly recommended.”

Anthony Capozzolli of Dismantled Life Podcast said, “Miracles of Recovery has been a feast for my recovering soul. Every page is filled with love and helpful insights that lead to discovery. I read each page by date and randomly turn to other pages for an additional spiritual hug when I need one. It’s almost as if Harriet wrote her wonderful book for me. Page after page hits so close to home I often tear up from positive awareness and clarity of emotion.”

Miracles Of Recovery received the first place President’s Award in nonfiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

Since her walk into recovery in 1999, Harriet has had one primary purpose: to show others how they can achieve their miracles with a vision and determination to never, ever go backwards, one day at a time.

Harriet strives to be a conduit of encouragement to others in their disease of alcoholism and drugs of choice, by showing them what works. Using practical tools, principles and promises as found in Alcoholics Anonymous and other literature, she attempts to mirror examples of how anyone can be free from the bondage of self, regardless of their situation.

Those who purchase a signed copy of Miracles Of Recovery from her website will also receive a no-charge copy of "Your Daily Reprieve; How To Maintain Long-Term Sobriety Serenely One Day At A Time" in PDF format.

Harriet Hunter has also developed a six-module course for individuals who thrive on personal insight and emotional growth as they seek to connect the dots of their lives. Journaling with a Purpose! is a thought-provoking, sometimes intensive exercise for self-seekers who want more from lives. Its focus is emotionally therapeutic and entertaining, as participants look inside themselves for resilient, positive changes to solutions and characteristics they expect more from. During the course worked on one’s own time, Harriet is never far away. She hosts two web-based meetings, while delivering videos, offers no-charge gifts, handouts and many prompts that encourages and explains what the writer can expect with each module. More information is available at her website.

Harriet Hunter is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be contacted using the information below or by email at An autographed copy of the paperback, Miracles of Recovery is available on her website or online by at Amazon. More information, including the journaling course, no-charge audios, handouts and other gifts and programs can be found by visiting

About Harriet Hunter:

Author Harriet Hunter has worked with hundreds of women who also suffered with alcoholism and drug addiction to help them find a peace without drugs and alcohol right where they are. She facilitates meetings, brings hope to women incarcerated, and sponsors women both face-to-face and on line. Readers can find her in the global recovery site,, where she’s been given her own room and brings Miracles to life for others each Sunday at 2;00 P.M.

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