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Struggling to sell self-published books after two devastating diagnoses rendered him unemployable, Thomas Bradley never imagined his YouTube encounter with Dale L. Roberts would be an olive branch that turned into an overhaul.


[COLUMBUS, OH, February 16] — Thomas A. Bradley contacted self-publishing expert Dale L. Roberts for help with marketing his books. Dale thought he would offer a few quick tips on a Zoom call, and that would be the end of it. Little did he know, Thomas’ story was about to draw him in.

Thomas A. Bradley is an Army Medical Corps Veteran of the Vietnam War. Following his military service, Thomas received his master’s degree in virology.

He worked successfully in his field for many years but found himself unemployed in 2008 when his company dissolved its virology department. Since then, a pacemaker and two devastating diagnoses threatened Thomas’ ability to entertain his horror-writing passions.

Thomas’s determination inspired Dale to extend his initial offering of tips into a full brand overhaul of Thomas’s book catalog of thirteen titles. Partnered with Fiverr, Dale began the weeks-long process of ordering new book covers and consulting with copywriting professional Brian Meeks to transform Thomas’s book listings.

That’s when things take a heart-warming turn as Dale reveals Thomas’s new book covers one by one in a dramatic before and after. That’s not all. Dale L. Roberts tapped his network to provide some extras that leave Thomas speechless at the end. This is a genuine feel-good story of triumph over adversity that everyone can watch unfold as it happens. See more at

Self-Publishing with Dale is the creation of Dale L. Roberts. Dale is passionate about books, reading, and writing. His enthusiasm is palpable in the content he creates. Dale runs a popular YouTube channel of the same name, a blog, and podcast all dedicated to self-publishing advocacy.

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