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Nexus Security: Insight Into the World of Professional Security

Nexus Security was founded in 2005 to help protect Fortel construction sites. Fast forward to 2021, Nexus Security is one of the UK’s leading security companies and offers a crucial service to a number of clients.


From busy construction sites to prestigious office complexes, the licensed Nexus teams deliver services including, manned guarding, event security and remote monitoring.

Nexus provides specialist front line security to protect clients assets, employees, and visitors, always ensuring that reliability, professionalism and customer service is at the forefront of every job.

Professional security teams play a key role in any business. Often the first point of contact on-site, there are a number of skills that are integral within security roles.
For example, security personnel must be able to ensure that all clients and staff feel safe and welcome when entering any company site.

Good organisation is also important in security work as administrative tasks such as signing visitors in and handling deliveries are also part of day-to-day functions when working in security.
Relevant training is vital; security teams must have conflict management skills and First Aid training, in order to take control of any situations where conflict or injury has occurred. Health & Safety training is also paramount as carrying out health and safety checks, such as identifying fire hazards or leaks, is also a very important part of security work.

Given the current landscape following the outbreak of COVID-19, there is also more demand for security personnel to help enforce certain health and safety regulations. Team members have had to adapt to changing laws and guidelines in order to help serve communities and keep everyone safe.

We want to applaud all security workers for playing such a critical role in supporting the community and helping the world transition into a new normal.

If you’re interested in a career in Security, be sure to get in touch: INFOGONEXUS.CO.UK

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