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Life Lessons from an Entrepreneur Mom. Author launches an entertaining video series on YouTube.

Readers said her experiences could be of real help, so author and entrepreneur, Marilyn Howard, put together connecting talks from her book. Each short talk has a theme to inspire, educate or entertain. The first video message in a series of fifteen is "Dare to Dream," a life lesson describing a childhood dream that set the stage and proves impossible dreams can happen. Other talks discuss the many unique challenges that exist for women and working moms.


The "Business Moms" episode captures the multifaceted path of businesswomen and offers suggestions. Life lessons for the woman entrepreneur or working mom are also discussed in "Finding Inspiration," "Starting a Business," "Reinvent Again," and "Play Ball with Soft Skills." "Deceitful Partners" describes learning the hard way why everyone needs to get important promises in writing.

Laughter always quiets the nerves and lightens the heart. For some laughs and an entertaining story about managing a husband, enjoy "The Dinner Party" and "The Big Fish Story." They are anecdotes of humorous situations from a summerhouse in West Hampton.

"Annoying Brothers" teaches about controlling men and leads into some insights about "Violent Dates." Other titles include "Love of Dance," "Travel Horizons," and "Changes." At the end of the series, "The Remarkable Tale" helps connect the episodes to the full picture in the memoir. It was a new path for her generation, but many of the life lessons learned from running a business, relationships with men, dealing with chauvinism, and family dynamics, are the same challenges faced by women today.

QUOTE: “Someday I'll figure it out and maybe write my own book on life and love,” was said jokingly as a young teenager. It was just an idyllic fantasy that stuck in her mind. When she reread her journal many years later, she knew it was the book she always wanted to write, now told through the lens of a businesswoman and mother.

ALT QUOTE: “I was superwoman, but one day when juggling young babies and business, I came into the office with my dress on backwards.”

Subscribe on YouTube or Follow on Facebook to get the weekly showings. The season will have fifteen episodes, with a launch Wednesday, April 7th, 2021. Detailed information and links to social media can be found for the public at the Messages and Media Assets tags on website at at

BIO: Trailblazing entrepreneur mom, Marilyn Howard, broke through a glass ceiling as director at Grey Advertising and traveled before launching Creative Freelancers Inc. in New York City in 1970. Her innovative startup, which connected business with freelance artists and writers, thrived for over twenty-five years in Manhattan and became the first agency of its kind on the internet in 1997. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University. Becoming an author and making these videos were new adventures that followed a long history of taking on challenges with uncertain and risky outcomes.

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