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Pixelplex Helps to Bolster the “Digital-First” Trend With Its Smart Contract Technology

PixelPlex offers self-executing smart contract-powered workflows that make the digitalization of work processes smarter, easier and more secure.


PixelPlex has nearly a decade of experience in creating blockchain solutions that solve the core issues in businesses. The Smart Contract development technology is one of the most popular solutions the company has created due to the beneficial effect of self-executing smart contract-powered workflows to a vast range of businesses.

PixelPlex software engineers leveraged on their extensive experience to create a smart contract optimization solution on different platforms with some prominent ones being Hyperledger or Chaincode smart contract, Echo smart contracts, R3 Corda smart contracts, EOS smart contracts, and Etherum smart contracts.

PixelPlex smart contracts offer convincing benefits to numerous companies across different sectors. Defi & Fintech give access to digital banking support and P2P lending, strict adherence to regulations, and exclusion of middlemen. Smart contract eliminates counterfeit distribution and aids custody tracking, goods provenance while maintaining stakeholder’s database.
PixelPlex offers smart contract consulting and development to companies in legal, telecommunications, gambling, real estate, healthcare, crowdfunding & charity, retail & eCommerce sectors.

Some significant benefits it offers to the healthcare industry are storage of medical insurance, equipment supply chain control, and identifying the origin of a prescribed drug. It also creates a well-detailed digital audit trail that’s devoid of error for real estate companies.

PixelPlex delights in its KickICO project—an Etherum smart contract-based platform that helps to improve how crowdfunding and ICOs are done. In a short timeline, PixelPlex developers designed and created a fundraising platform that’s designed based on the framework of Etherum smart contracts and KickCoin token.

Since the beginning of its industry-class smart contract audit and development services, PixelPlex has improved the workflow of many organizations. Find more information here:

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