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Audiobook Now Released for Bestselling Legal Thriller ~~ Hollywood on Trial ~~ 4.7 Amazon Rating

Industry secrets uncovered…drugs, sex, betrayal, death…the power elite exposed and hunted down…murder on trial. Now available in audiobook. Five-Star Review: "The seamier side of Hollywood … Must be written by an insider."


Sexual currency, extortion, and murder—the hidden life behind Hollywood cameras. Josh Stein, the industry’s top entertainment lawyer, represents star power—the price for ingénues is sex. After his special ingénue dies on a stormy set, he replaces her with Kaitlin O’Keefe, a sultry gray-eyed, red head. On set, off set, and on location shoots, the famous director Nick Claren vies for Kaitlin’s favors. She pits man against man as she willingly and unwillingly does what it takes to fight her way into the inner circle. After Kaitlin goes one step too far, a murder trial of the century shocks the world.

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? Amazon Author Reviews: "The seamier side of Hollywood that most of us knows exists. Must be written by an insider" .Have read this author before. Truly gifted." "Put you into the courtroom." "… amazing trial …. This author has a particular talent for developing real life characters that you can't forget." "Where John Grisham offers one-dimensional cardboard replicas, Author Dale E. Manolakas delivers with fully-realized characters who explode off the page. Visceral. Sensual. Alive."

? Goodreads 4.67 Rating: ."Excellent legal thriller written well with attention to detail. Highly recommended to anyone who loves a gripping courtroom drama." "a good mystery-thriller-suspenseful read … will keep you turning the pages to see what is coming next … fast moving." "I highly recommend … this author. " "… gifted author …"

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