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Rashika Jain Unlearns The Old Belief System With Positive Affirmations

Rashika Jain is a college-going woman, a learner, an ambitious and inquisitive woman. Rashika Jain loves hunting for new passions to overcome her old beliefs with positive affirmations.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / PRURGENT\r\n\r\nRashika Jain is a college-going woman, a learner, an ambitious and inquisitive woman. Rashika Jain loves hunting for new passions to overcome her old beliefs with positive affirmations.\r\n\r\nRashika Jain is a college-going student, a learner, an ambitious and inquisitive woman, Rashika Jain is curious to explore new talents. When she enters the graduation program in her college, she learns about various talents that students similar to her age have. She realizes how all this while she had been ignoring the talent she had due to the limiting beliefs that she had set for herself. She decides to overcome the limiting beliefs by utilizing the limitless opportunities around her.\r\n\r\nThe article shares how Rashika Jain dives to utilize opportunities to change her belief system with positive affirmations.\r\n\r\nRashika Jain Overcomes Ochlophobia\r\n\r\nSince childhood, Rashika Jain suffered from ochlophobia; wherein she had fear of crowded places. She felt suffocated at the places with an intense crowd. Her uncomfortable experiences with the crowds made her old beliefs even stronger. After joining the college program and looking at the way people socialized, she got an inspiration to get mixed up with people and overcome the fear of crowded places.\r\n\r\nShe started taking baby steps to create an alternative set of beliefs that could help her overcome her fear of crowds. Initially, she started writing journals where she would envision the best version of herself. She constantly visioned herself as a social person. With the constant positive affirmations, she took a step ahead. She volunteered for the women and child development seminar. Though she panicked initially to see the number of people in the crowd, she overpast that phase of panic by reminding herself of the best version of herself that she had been writing in her journals. By the time seminar ended, Rashika Jain developed familiarity with the crowd. She was free from shivering and panting caused by panic. She offered compliments with refreshments to the people at the seminar to develop an amicable attitude towards the crowd. She evolved a completely different attitude with the crowd after stepping out of the seminar and looked forward to moving a step ahead by hosting a seminar in the near future.\r\n\r\nHow Rashika Jain Evolves The Courage Of Climbing A Hilltop\r\n\r\nInquisitive Rashika Jain hunted for new passion upon joining her college. She did not leave a single coin unturned to overcome her old beliefs and meet the best version of herself that she had been constantly reaffirming. One day she discovered about the trekking trip organized by her college on the bulletin board. Rashika Jain who always has had the fear of heights became part of this trip to conquer another set of false beliefs that caused her to fear.\r\n\r\nShe boarded on the trek to unboard the beliefs that unnecessarily held her back. She knew that gaining heights, her anxiety would also grow. Therefore, she decided to give herself a positive affirmation with every step that she took. As she gained height, she refused to turn around and focused her sight on the hilltop where she was supposed to reach. She affirmatively called out \"I am brave and courageous\" with every step that she took.\r\n\r\nWhile people rested midway to grab some breath, Rashika Jain made breathing as her hiking companion and consistently took steps forward. She had put confidence in her equipment and faith in her steps. Undoubtedly, she reached the hilltop with a constructive mindset and took a sigh of relief, rejoicing the moment of winning over the wrong beliefs.\r\n\r\nMy YouTube Channel -

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