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Christy Minerals Completed New Minerals Plant and Site Upgrades

Christy Minerals has opened a new grinding plant for alumina silicate clays and calcines and completed additional site infrastructure improvements.


Christy Minerals, LLC is pleased to announce the completion of its facility upgrades and opening of its new grinding plant.

Christy Minerals President Shane Bower states, “Christy Minerals is proud of the site improvements our team has completed which include upgrades and modernization of the facility’s electrical service, full-site electronic data management and erection of a new fine grind plant for its Dynapoz Class N calcined clay natural pozzolan material. These investments will improve reliability, responsiveness to customers, safety, employee engagement and open new product markets for Christy Minerals.”

The $2M site upgrade to its High Hill, Missouri site took two years from start to finish, with the plant now in full operation.

Christy Minerals is a vertically integrated producer of high-quality alumina silicate clays and calcines serving various industries including the refractory, investment casting, pottery and construction industries.

Christy Minerals is an integral part of the Christy family of companies (

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