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Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses

Kathy Pike announces her new/fourth book: Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses--How horses teach us about relationships and healing


Inspiring true stories of how horses teach humans and heal their hearts. Horses are sensitive creatures with hearts ten times larger than humans and much more to share with us than meets the eye. Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses offers poignant short stories about the trials and tribulations of befriending horses. Equine expert Kathy Pike brings you on a healing journey that includes lessons a wild horse taught her, how horses teach humans in her equine facilitated learning programs, and personal insights about living off the land and engaging with the dynamics of a herd each day.

Life Lessons encompasses the deep journey of healing and expansion that horses have brought me on in the last 18 years. The horse nation is my family, they are my relations, and I am proud to offer another book to inspire readers to see and experience them as sentient beings and powerful teachers for humans. The roles are changing and we must change with them.

About the Author:

Kathy Pike an advocate for equine intelligence and the founder of The Academy for Coaching with Horses. She is a speaker, coach, artist, nature lover, new thought leader, and an internationally published author. Her books include: Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us about Relationships and Healing; Horse Spirits Speak: On Love, Presence, and Harmony in a Chaotic World; Hope from the Heart of Horses: How Horses Teach Us About Presence, Strength and Awareness; Pathways to a Radiant Self: A Journey of Growth and Discovery with the Chakras.

As a pioneer in the field of Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC), Kathy has taught EFLC Certification Programs worldwide. Her work has reached over 18 countries as she has trained others to employ Horse as a guide and mentor for the human heart and spirit.


Every story in this inspirational book highlights lessons about trust, surrender, timing, and building relationships. Some stories are light and playful, others are insightful, and some are even a bit heart-wrenching, bringing you on the journey as if you are in direct relationship with each horse. Questions offered after each chapter invite you to apply this book’s lessons to your own life or relationships.

Life Lessons from the Heart of Horses will deepen any horse lover’s understanding of the invisible and emotional bond between horse and human. Available NOW.

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Please contact us if you would like to interview Kathy about horses and how she teaches her clients how to deepen their understanding of the invisible and emotional bond between horse and human. The book is available now on

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