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SOLMIMI Reviews Best Audio Adapter Headphone Splitter Company In 2021

Audio adapters have become part and parcel of the modern entertainment scene and solmimi done.


Audio adapters have become part and parcel of the modern entertainment scene. You want to use it on most audio devices, such as smartphones, PC, laptops, speakers, soundboxes, stereo systems, home theaters, amplifiers, etc. Below I will bring you a list of the best audio adapters.

Choice 1: SOLMIMI TRRS Headphone Splitter
Devices usually come with a single output socket. Even the desktops or higher-end laptops that we use do not come with multiple sound output options. This puts us in great complexity as we often have to share headphones when we want to listen to favorite music or watch movies with someone else.

SOLMIMI headphone splitter is a 4-pole (TRRS) standard, consists of 2 outputs, work for two microphone-enabled headphones will work, but this doesn't work for one dual-plug headset with separate audio and mic plug by the way. With the help of this awesome splitter, you and your friends can wear your favorite headphones when listening to music on a single device.

If aesthetics is all you’re on about, then you’ll also love this option. This brilliantly designed product, and looks very sleek and modern. Its body comprises high purity oxygen-free copper, super female jack design, Crystal-like Nylon Braided. We also love how compact it is, which is perfect for traveling.

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Listen to Buyer Voice
Customer A: "The build quality of this splitter is surprisingly excellent. Both the plugs and the cable are well made. No issue with the sound quality. Voice call also comes through loud and clear."

Customer B: "Retains 3 ring functionality so microphone enabled headphones will work. I tried it on the ps4 and both inputs worked fine in the party chat. Nicely built and high quality for a low price."

Customer C: "I tried and it works on both the outputs. I tried audio from 1 of those outlets, it was functional. I didn't hear any static, so I guess it should be good from a quality perspective. I would recommend."

Customer D: "Just what I needed and also happy with the microphone capabilities! Great chord with a feeling of high quality. Would recommend"

Customer E: "Purchased this adapter to use on my PC which has a combination port. That means it has a single 3.5mm plug that handles both microphone and headset audio. That's great for gaming headsets or devices that have both in one, but I wanted to use my RODE shotgun microphone for better audio during video meetings and pair it with a headset.
This adapter splits the audio and microphone input. I simply plug the mic in to the marked plug, and the headsets to the marked audio plug. WORKS GREAT."

Q: Will this trrs headphone splitter allow 2 people to talk during local coop on streams?

A: Yes, this TRRS headphone splitter will allow 2 people to talk during local coop on streams at the same time.
When used for talking, it means that you need to use the microphone function, please kindly noted:
a. Both headsets must be 4-pole (TRRS) CTIA standard: two headsets with built-in microphones or two 4-pole (TRRS) lavalier microphones can be used.
b. SOLMIMI headphone splitter can't work for IOS headphones, Bose/Beats headsets, otherwise, the mic function will be disabled.
c. The compatibility of some external microphones is special, for example, we don't recommend using 3-pole (TRS) external microphones or any condenser microphones.

Q: Can I connect 2 speakers at the same time to my laptop?

A: SOLMIM headphone splitter has two output jacks, you can use this 3.5mm headphone splitter to connect 2 speakers at the same time to your laptop, then enjoy the music feast.

Q: Can this headphone splitter connect two headphones or microphones?

A: Yes, this TRRS headphone splitter can connect two headphones or microphones to transmit audio.

When Only for Audio Output:
This headphone splitter can work for any 3.5mm port headsets to most devices with a 3.5mm auxiliary port (Aux-in), like PC, laptop, smartphone, etc.

When for Microphone Input:
Kindly noted that both of your headset or microphones you connected must be 4-Pole (TRRS) standard
(?) NOT support iPhone/Bose/Beats headsets or any OMTP standard headphones
(?) NOT support 3-pole (TRS) external microphones or any condenser microphones
(?) NOT work for Nintendo Switch

Choice 2: SOLMIMI 1/4 Headphone Jack Adapter
If you’re always on the lookout for a high-quality 1/4 audio jack adapter, SOLMIMI 1/4 to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter is a perfect solution.

In a nutshell, this SOLMIMI 1/4 headphone jack adapter allows you to connect smartphones, laptops, or headphones with standard 3.5mm plugs to audio devices with a 6.35mm stereo jack, such as amplifiers, mixing consoles, guitar amp, piano amp, etc. It may also be used as a stereo extension cable.

Listen to Buyer Voice
Customer A: "Let’s start with the fact that I love how this thing feels. As a music and gear head, I obviously know a large swathe of cables, connectors, adapters, and such, so I’m always on the lookout for good build quality. I can usually tell right off the start when an item is cheaply made, or at least if it feels that way. As soon as I took this adapter cable out of the bag, it felt … how should I say this: NICE. It had a distinct feel to it that I noticed as soon as I picked it up: it feels well constructed with the braided cord and metal connectors, but had this very nice flexibility to it that I haven’t really experienced with any of my other cables of this caliber. It’s hard to describe it really, but it was a notable experience for me."

Customer B: "I've used this adapter for the past month with Sennheiser HD6XX and HifiMan Sundaras connected to a Schiit Modi Multibit and Magni 3+ amp.
Gives me the termination I need with no concern for degraded signal robustness. It feels well-built with truly solid ends. Not overly heavy or cheap feeling. I'm very pleased with it!"

Customer C: "First of all--quality is great. There is no noticeable signal drop-off when using this. Secondly, I don't know if it makes a difference but it certainly *feels* like it makes a difference--the braided cables just seem to be higher quality than regular rubber or plastic coated ones. But if you are a musician and/or have lots of sound equipment, both old and new, this is a must have. Playing a song off of a phone through an old-school speaker with no auxiliary input or bluetooth capability is sometimes necessary, and this adapter in the toolkit makes things easier. Definitely a must-have, and this one works well."

Q: The headphone out on my mixer is trs, will this work?

A: SOLMIMI headphone jack adapter features 1/4 inch (6.35mm) male plug to 1/8 inch (3.5mm) female jack, it's TRS standard, you can use it to connect one 3.5mm TRS headphone to the mixer.

Q: Can I use this 1/4 headphone jack adapter to play the music of my smartphone through an amplifier?

A: SOLMIMI 1/4 headphone jack adapter is a 6.35mm male plug to 3.5mm female jack adapter. You can use it to transmit audio from 3.5mm headphones/speakers/smartphones/PC to most audio devices with a 6.35mm aux jack - such as amplifiers, mixing consoles, home theater devices, electric guitar/piano amp, Bass amp, AV receivers, etc.


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