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PixelPlex Elucidates More on How it Helps Improve Web Accessibility with its Service

PixelPlex, a technology company with devotion to improving humanity in all spheres talks more about its web accessibility service that’s created to make technology accessible to all internet users.


PixelPlex believe in the goals of the Americans with Disability Act, a law that’s designed to improve access to internet-based service for everyone who desires irrespective of their abilities. Websites that comply with the recommendation of the ADA are easy for individuals with cognitive and physical challenges to use.

The repercussion for not complying with the recommendation of the Americans with Disabilities Act can be pretty serious. One such repercussion is the harsh financial setback you might experience as the fine for violating the requirement as a first-time violator is $55K, while the penalty for subsequent violation is $110K; in the case of Industry giants, the fee may be in millions.

PixelPlex clearly elucidated some benefits of carrying out a regular accessibility audit. Some of those benefits include a more extensive market reach; protection from some legal litigations; and social responsibility.

The company’s accessibility audit team has an apt understanding of some specifics of ADA compliance. To ensure that your website aligns with the difficult requirement of ADA compliance without losing its effectiveness, PixelPlex says it ensures that every website it either develops from scratch or modifies appeals to clients, businesses and governmental regulations.

PixelPlex’s CEO, Alexei Dulub noted that the company has a well-laid out step-by-step web accessibility audit process. He explained that the first step is to test & analyze the web compliance project; then fix issues identified in the testing phase. The third and last step is called certification & support; here, PixelPlex issues a WCAG compliance certificate and places a digital badge on the website to show that it complies with relevant accessibility laws.

The company’s Principal Web Accessibility Consultant ( is Matthew Dempsey, a man with an impeccable desire for excellence, and a top-notch drive for guaranteeing web accessibility compliance.

About PixelPlex

PixelPlex is a technologically inclusive company with an inherent desire to create solutions that help solve intricate business problems. The company has offices in six different countries, this enables it to properly serve its clientele in the most effective way possible.

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