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MacCase Announces Use of Ethically Sourced Leather

The creators of the Apple-specific case market finally publicizes use of hides sourced from ex-dairy cows


MacCase has publicly announced its use of ethically sourced leather in its Premium Leather Collection. The collection consists of cases, briefcases, sleeves and travel bags mostly geared towards users of Apple portable products. The company has been using ethically sourced leather since the launch of their leather collection in 2007.

“When we launched our Premium Leather line in 2007, I insisted on using ethically sourced hides because it was the right thing to do. As customer awareness about this issue has grown, we’ve decided to let everyone know we’ve been doing this for almost 15 years. Our leather is sourced from ex-dairy cows whose hides only become available when the cows pass naturally. The leather is not a by-product of the beef or other industries”, explained Michael Santoro, Chief Creative Officer and President of MacCase.

MacCase’s Premium Leather models are known worldwide for the quality of their hides, how well they are put together and how long they last. More information about the company’s ethically sourced leather and how it compares to “vegan leather” can be found at the company’s website,

MacCase invented the Apple specific case market in 1998. The company offers two distinct products lines, one in nylon and one in leather that consists of a broad range of cases, messenger bags, sleeves, folios and backpacks for Apple MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models. MacCase products can be found at Staples,com, B&H Camera,,,, and MacMall. MacCase products can also be purchased directly from

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