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Team Avatar Films releases Action-Comedy Film as it continues to expand

Action-comedy film "AGNI KAI: Hsu VS Liang" officially releases!


OAKLAND, California - Over 50 young creatives rallied together during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic to create short films when the entertainment sector as well as many other industries were temporarily crippled as a result of the world-wide pandemic. Chinese-American actor and filmmaker, Victor Zheng, leads a group of primarily Asian and Asian-American artists to create a series of short films based on the universe of "Avatar: The Last Airbender".

"The pandemic created a gap and hole in the dynamic of content creation" Zheng says, "We took this as a chance to rally together safely and to tell the stories we want to tell while keeping up with our artistic pursuits".

The independent studio has already released several short films that takes place in the universe based on "The Last Airbender". Their films can be found on their titular YouTube channel, "Team Avatar Films" (Link included in article). They are also active on Instagram and Tik-Tok under the same name.

Most recently, Team Avatar Films released the short action-comedy film "AGNI KAI: Hsu VS Liang" which incorporates the talents of actors, stunt coordinators, martial artists, sound engineers, and VFX artists.

Early critics of the film praise the performances of Private Liang and Private Hsu (played by Ann Warque and Timothy Hsu respectfully). The chemistry between the two actors have been noted as dynamic and funny. Private Wong (played by Kevin T. Wong) is a dramatic highlight as he cheers his compatriot in the Agni Kai which is duel with cultural significance in this universe. The film is also compounded by endearing and hard hitting music put together by Dutch composer, Martijn De Haan.

Team Avatar Films is currently working on a 40 minute film titled "A Tale of Earth and Fire" which is slated to be released within the next few months.

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