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Facial Injectable Experts Help Improve Safety

World experts in the field of Hyaluronic acid injectables have released a new article describing expected complications and anatomical based solutions.


A recent article in the journal Expert Opinion on Drug Safety describes the safety of Hyaluronic acid lip augmentation. With increasing number of injectors, injections and indications, the safety and potential risks associated with H.A fillers must be explored and described.

The senior authors on this article, experts in the field of injectables, having published multiple ground-breaking studies and continue to teach injectors the art and science of soft tissue fillers. This article not only reviews and describes the potential adverse events related to the injection of this product but provides anatomical based preventative tips and treatment strategies. It is a must read for all current and future injectors. Additionally, H.A lip augmentation continues to be the most common use of this device, with side effects and adverse events rarely described in the literature. This article reviews all case reports, larger trials and interesting cases provided by the senior authors.

The article can be found at:

Dr. Tyler Safran is a senior resident in Plastic & Reconstructive surgery from McGill. He has over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Arthur Swift is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and serves on the global advisory board for many of the world’s leading cosmetic pharmaceutical companies. He is world-renowned as an expert and trendsetter in the field of cosmetic enhancement – a mathematical analysis of beauty and an unrivaled passion for his craft have made Dr. Swift one of the most sought-after mentors on the global aesthetic circuit. He currently leads Swift beauty.

Dr. Sebastian Cotofana is a world recognized anatomist that lectures regularly on topics in facial anatomy and the science behind aging. He is very highly cited and has authored some of the most influential articles in soft tissue fillers and anatomy. His unique approach to facial anatomy allows him to transfer anatomy knowledge to beginners and advanced injectors alike.

Dr. Andreas Nikolis has applied his deep understanding of anatomy and the aging process in order to refine his specialized approach to achieving a natural, balanced and rejuvenated appearance. His knowledge and appreciation of aesthetics has led him to be a lead researcher in the aesthetic industry, holding multiple patents and impacting the development of new HA injectables, leading to well over 70 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Nikolis is an advanced trainer in aesthetics nationally and internationally, hosts multiple anatomy and hands on courses worldwide each year and has been involved in academic teaching of plastic surgery residents for over 20 years.

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