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How to make your own yard signs?

It is not so easy to make yard signs even if you are a skilled handyman. But you can try and we are going to provide you with some recommendations. If you fail to succeed, you can still get affordable signs made at our print shop.


What is a yard sign?

Yard signs are advertising plates or bars usually located on a street-facing place in the yard. They contain some important information about various things including a purchase price for the house displayed for sale. There are also political yard signs inviting people to express their opinion as to some political party and vote in an election. Their common size is 24" x 18" but there are no restrictions. It can be made of fabric or corrugated plastic which is very popular for lawn signs.

How to make it?
If you decide to make a yard sigh by yourself, you should:

find any plate of a correspondent size;

take a sheet of paper;

print the content on it;

laminate it;

fix it on that plate.

This is one of the numerous solutions which will do if you manage to arrange all needed improvised elements. Such a sign does not last for a long time, but it can be a way out. Also, you may review videos through the Internet with guides.

Though, it is much better if you resolve a matter in our favor. Just consider our printing services with plenty of options allowing you to enjoy numerous benefits. All that you are expected to do through your individual effort is to install yard signs. It is easy to do following the instructions for a construction of a particular type. For instance, if you get the traditional A-frame or H-frame yard signs, you should put the “legs” into the ground.

Please, mind that yard signs intended for a business purpose and located on the side of the road can be illegal. That is why you can use yard signs only in the yard of your own house. Even in this case, if a stand is visible from roadways, you’d better do some asking around and figure out the local rules.

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