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An Awesome Travel Experience, Combined With A Powerful Spiritual Awakening, Is The Foundation Of 'Finding 42', New Spiritual Adventure Book By Bestselling Author Benny Mailman

Mailman writes about his amazing travel adventures to encourage seekers of true freedom to follow their hearts and change their realities.


We've all experienced a sense of wanderlust. Likewise with soul-searching. Not all of us are brave enough to seriously commit to either of these life changing pursuits. However, some of us experience an inner longing that can only be satisfied by taking decisive action. Bestselling author Benny Mailman's reality was changed forever when he made the decision to embark upon a journey, an undertaking that would gratify both of those desires. He tells his wildly entertaining tale in a book that is both an extraordinary adventure book and a superb spiritual book.

'Finding 42', at its core, is an amazing travel adventure series. Book 1, 'Cut the Rope', begins with the author leaving the familiar, New York City, and flying into the unfamiliar, Moscow, Russia.

'Finding 42' is a letting go of the known and often forced reality. It is about a man setting out to prove that a better reality was there for the creating. Within the journey, spiritual growth flourishes and an ancient knowledge is renewed in the strength, kindness, and beauty of the human spirit.

Book 1 is filled with stories and soulful connections with fellow travelers and locals alike. There is the story of Fire Horse in Mongolia, Tom Waits and Starbucks in Moscow, life aboard the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the Great Wall, and even a magical event in Luoyang, China. All of it is true. It is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind adventure book, unlike any other available today.

“I am grateful every day for life,” Mailman stated. “It is an amazing gift in which each choice we make becomes our history and present reality at the same time, while etching out our possible paths to the future.

“I wrote the ‘Finding 42’ series to remind people of the importance and magnitude of choice. I had worked very hard my entire life, but I knew that a different reality must be available. I also knew that I was the only person who could change my reality, through trusting in faith and intuition… something that frightens the mind incredibly. In the breaths that people will breathe through each chapter, my hope is that my experiences, adventures, and words, along with my genuine Love for humankind will swirl their magical truths into their hearts and lives as well. It is not a matter of becoming connected, it is the realization that we always have been. ‘Finding 42’ provides understanding, insight and knowledge, new to the reader, but ancient indeed.”

Benny writes about his amazing travel adventures to encourage seekers of true freedom to follow their hearts and change their realities. In doing so, they will witness the deep connections we have to all humans, animals, and the earth. They will find Love.

Benny believes in sitting calmly and observing the world as it unfolds in slow motion. In every village, city, and country, Benny high-fives, shares music, and exchanges smiles with people of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and religions. He exchanges Love.

In 'Finding 42’, Benny brings readers along as not just observers, but as fellow travelers. In his heart, anyone who reads this series is instantly his friend. His hope is that it stirs the magic within us, to join him and change our reality into that of our desires and wishes. It is all about Love for him.

Readers have given 'Finding 42' rave reviews. One stated, ". . . A trip of a lifetime, the friendships/memories made, the places visited, will make you wish you had traveled with him." Another said, ". . . This book was a real breath of fresh air. It was pure joy reading it and remembering it. I look forward to Benny's next book and all the fun, wonders and delights it will bring."

Benny Mailman is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below, or by email at 'Finding 42' is available at online book retailers. An audio version of the book is available. It is available in Spanish in hardcover, e-book, and paperback. More information, including travel pictures and video, is available at his website at

About Benny Mailman:

Benny currently lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He has been there for over 5 years, and has been married to his wife Vicheka, for 3 of those years. He is currently working on the release of Book 2, scheduled for later this year.

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