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Dazed by isolation? Washington Mother’s humorous take on Covid’s impact on family.

Do you wish you’d written down all the crazy things that happened during the pandemic? This mom did!


BOTHELL, Washington, 9/9/2021 – Krista Ehlers, mother of two in Bothell, kept a Covid diary on her social media page for 384 days of Washington’s school shutdown. Some posts were light-hearted, and some quite serious, but she kept her sense of humor throughout. Ms. Ehlers is now publishing a collection of these posts in book form, as we all watch the Delta variant with trepidation and wonder about its impact on this back-to-school season.

“Covid-19 isolation put everyone in new situations and under long-term strain,” says the author of Daze of Isolation: Diary of a Stuck at Home Mom (Rough Cut Publishing, 2021, 978-1-7374733-0-5, $14.99, Krista points to fall of 2020, when she got stranded on a beach with a dislocated hip, and her son and husband raced to load her on a backboard before the tide overtook them. “Should it be any surprise that appliances wore out and electronics broke down and a middle-aged woman ended up beached in a denim mini-skirt, with the tide creeping up to her rear-end?” she quipped.

Ms. Ehlers began her journal the first day her then 2nd-grader and 8th-grader began online learning, because their schools closed for fourteen days “in an abundance of caution.” Their school district is sandwiched between the first-known U.S. case of Covid-19 in Everett, WA, and the first tragic deaths at a care facility in Kirkland, WA. Her kids didn’t return to in-person school for over a year, and the ensuing isolation and cabin fever put families in many parts of Washington on a rollercoaster of emotions. Krista’s husband moved into their spare bedroom and became a work-at-home dad, and Chief Driver for weekly road-trips within the state. They survived on a mix of sourdough, creativity, and plenty of Diet Coke for Mom.

Former foster and now adoptive parents, the Ehlers have both been through extensive parenting training, licensing interviews, and continuing education. She often teases, “We are trained professionals! Don’t try this at home….” As a long-time member of the adoption community, she writes with insight into the special needs that frequently challenge adoptive families. Her blend of gentle sarcasm and candid truth give other parents a laugh and much-needed hope.

As we face the implications of Covid-19’s Delta variant, read this book and review all those skills we learned during the Covid-19 pandemic – Alpha variant, if you will. Learn how to:

Botch sourdough bread, dispose of the evidence, and distract everyone with the successful loaves.
Dress for a pandemic.
Laugh at your teen, your pre-tween, your spouse, your dog, and yourself.
Say good-bye to your trusty microwave. And printer. And laptop. And car.
Have good days, bad days, and the next day, wake up and try again.

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About the Author
Krista Ehlers is a retired IT specialist and web developer, former foster parent and now adoptive mom of two. She is an experienced trainer, public speaker and comedian, and her passion is to lighten the load of other mothers by sharing her story with transparency and humor. She lives with her husband, children, and labradoodle in the Pacific Northwest, in a constant state of mostly happy chaos.
Instagram: reallykrista

About the Book
Krista Ehlers started Daze of Isolation: Diary of a Stuck at Home Mom (Rough Cut Publishing, 2021, 978-1-7374733-0-5, $14.99, that gray day in March, 2020, when her kids were sent home from school for fourteen days that turned into a year. Enjoy her family’s stories of smoke clouds and smoke alarms, adoption issues and special needs, an ambulance ride and a bike crash, road trips, and awkward new experiences.

Along for the rollercoaster ride of the Covid-19 Pandemic were Krista’s now-working-at-home husband, her teen son, her precocious 3rd grade daughter, and their aging Labradoodle. Friends and family make guest appearances in this comical, at times poignant, account of the slowest emergency in history.

Review Copies and Media Interviews
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