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Is Economic Downturn Linked to Jewish Feast Days? Expert Says Sometimes

In 2008, the new moon signaled the 7th month (from spring) when the US Senate voted $760 billion in bailout and the stock market crashed for 10 days till Yom Kippur, the biblical Day of Atonement in Leviticus 16. It had an impact on millions and with a current situation of instability, readers may be looking for indicators.


Most Jewish people think that time is past for this year, but Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible topics explains that the Jews have followed the pope’s Gregorian Calendar from medieval times but in Bible times, the year began with the first new moon after the spring equinox, as seen where God told Moses that the new moon was the beginning of the month of Passover (Abib—green ears of barley) and the beginning of the year, Exod 12:2.

The Hebrew word, chodesh, means the crescent moon and it’s found three times in Exod 12:2. In Bible times, they didn’t have NASA or internet to tell them the moon was in conjunction when no one could see the moon. New months began when they saw the thin crescent in the west after sunset 24 hours or more after a conjunction.

Ruhling’s point is that the pope’s calendar pays homage to Roman gods and emperors. July is for Julius Caesar; August for Augustus Caesar. “The new moon is now irrelevant to the new month, a changing of times and laws as foretold of the papacy in Daniel 7:25—Protestant reformers saw the little horn that grew out of the 4th beast in Dan 7 as the papacy that grew out of the Roman Empire represented by the 4th beast—Daniel’s prophecies have historical accuracy much better than Nostradamus or astrology,” says Ruhling.

He claims the pope’s calendar is wrong also in observing Easter (or Passover for Jews) in March because it means the new moon that started the month came before the spring equinox—it was still winter. Ruhling contends that an economic downturn on Friday, October 8 could indicate the true Feast of Trumpets (1st day of 7th month in Leviticus 23:24) If it happens, it would be evidence supporting a change to a more biblical calendar.

According to Ruhling, economic collapse will come some year soon on a Feast of Trumpets after the earthquake seen in Revelation 8:5-7 where the green grass represents the economy. “As the flower of the grass, so shall the rich man fade” (James 1:9-11, King James Bible) and that 1st trumpet of Revelation 8:7 will blow on the Feast of Trumpets—the new moon of the 7th month, as foreshadowed in 2008. The apostle Paul said that those holy days “are shadows of things to come.” Col 2:17.

For more information readers may visit to view Dr. Ruhling’s newest book, “From Lockdown to Knockdown, the Fall of America & New World Order”. Readers can click ‘Look Inside’ the cover to read the Introduction that has links relevant to our current healthcare crisis. Ruhling is an MD and was board-certified in Internal Medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda; he has more info at his website.

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