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It’s Cheaper Downunder

Factory direct OEM purchasing has enable the Australian online store to ship quality Thunderbolt, SSD, MagSafe and chargers across the globe at world’s best prices.


Bunbury, Western Australia, 23 September 2021

HomeKit Australia ( has been exporting to New Zealand this year and now has begun it’s first shipments to North America, UK and Singapore.
The company follows a factory direct purchasing policy that allows for cheaper prices on equivalent than products in North America and Europe.

Now with flat rate shipping prices and Air deliveries from Australia that take around 1 week, it is often cheaper for USA customers to purchase from Australia.
At the lower end, HomeKit Australia has available ….
• iPhone 12 cases from under US$0.01 (AUS$0.01)
• iPhone 12 MagSafe cases from US$3.99 (AUS$5.99)
• iPhone 12 Mag charger $5.98 (AUS$8.99)
• 6-in-1 USB-C hub US$16.78 (AUS$22.95)
At the higher end HomeKit Australia sells some the highest performance data transfer products available anywhere in the world.

• 2TB Thunderbolt SSD drive with NVMe PCIe is US$329.68 (AUS$495.95)
• 500GB NVME SSD drive US$66.44 (AUS$99.95)
• 40Gbps Thunderbolt 4 SSD enclosure US$93.02 (AUS$139.95)

Also available are a range of Gallium Nitride AC chargers from 20w through to 100w. These chargers come standard with US power heads and UK and EU power heads are separately available.
• 20w USB-C and USB charger from US13.26 (AUS$19.95)
• 30w charger US$13.26 (AUS19.95)
• 65w dual port charger on special for the same price - US$13.26(AUS19.95)
• 100w 4 port charger US$53.12 (AUS$79.95)
With a typical air delivery charge to the USA and Canada of US$15.42 to US$17.62 (AUS$21 to AUS$24), it is often cheaper to order these products from Downunder.

According to HomeKit Australia, they are always adding new products, the latest being magnetic Apple AirTags covers and a combo MagSafe and AppleWatch portable charger reminiscent of Apple’s rumoured AirPower charger.

Next month, HomeKit Australia begins shipping its own range of 1TB and 2TB NVMe Solid State Drives plus a 2TB 2.5” SATA SSD.
Probably unique within the industry, HomeKit Australia insist on using every product they sell THEMSELVES.

According to HomeKit Australia founder Keith Palmer, “This ensures we are fully versed not only in using the products but can provide practical, expert advice to our clients”.
“If you are buying high-end Thunderbolt 4 data storage, you want to know real world experience and advice, not someone reading you a sales blurb”, Palmer said.

“We’ve been in high-end data storage for around 30 years, formerly one of 7 companies worldwide on Seagate Technology’s Apple strategic focus group and one of four strategic partners worlswide for the former removeable data storage company SyQuest.”

“Our products have been used to make and store Hollywood blockbusters and have been at the forefront of premium studio data storage and professional video and production houses and freelancers.”
According to Palmer Thunderbolt SSD drives are at a premium with crypto currency mining and HomeKit Australia has released possibly the fastest Thunderbolt SSD drive, the 2TB Thunderbolt Fire SSD.
“Based around a Seagate FireCuda SSD, Thunderbolt 4 combined with premium NVMe SSD’s provide equivalent access for external data storage to what has been traditionally only available to internal products directly accessing the PCIe bus”, Palmer says.

“We like to push the boundaries in data storage … we really love doing this. The advantage for us commercially is very few vendors have any real world understanding and experience of these products. So commercially this gives HomeKit Australia a huge advantage.”
“HomeKit Australia shipped its first North American order to Canada and the client provided glowing feedback”, Palmer said.

HomeKit Australia holds 100% of its product in Australia and it ships product directly to the consumer from its own warehouse.

“We do ZERO drop shipping of anything”, says Palmer. “Just about every product is in stock and we almost always ship the same day as we receive orders.”
“If a product is not in stock, you can’t place an order …. so there’s no waiting for your order to ship.”
HomeKit Australia is working to further expand its range especially of Thunderbolt products, MagSafe and AC chargers.
HomeKit Australia publishes to its News / Blog site at a furious pace and this has grown into a huge receptacle for Thunderbolt, MagSafe and AC charger news and information.


HomeKit Australia is an online retailer following a “factory direct” procurement policy. This ensures products are offered to consumers at highly competitive pricing.
Products include Thunderbolt SSD drives, hubs, Solid State Drive products, hubs, specialist Apple HomeKit products, GaN (Gallium Nitride) AC chargers, wireless chargers, Apple MagSafe charging and Apple Watch products. Items are available for desktop and laptop computers plus both Apple and Android phones and devices. HomeKit Australia products ship from Australia to USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

The HomeKit Australia website is at
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