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FroXx launches a Lab and Experience Center

German tech start-up announces the launch of their Lab and Experience Center.


(Berlin, Germany) German start-up FroXx is pleased to announce the completion of its Lab and Experience Center that promotes innovation, from ideation to launching a new product or service. It also serves as an incubator for new ideas and an environment for Proof of Concepts (PoC) of solutions, utilizing different approaches, techniques, and tools to ensure customer engagement and alignment at all stages.

Vasile Nedelcu, Chief Technologist at FroXx says “An Innovation Center is a space for inspiration and curiosity to blossom and grow. It is a haven for fresh ideas to be shared, experiment with and built to contribute to the next generation of industry.”

The pace of technology adoption is accelerating from a consumer and an industrial perspective. The way we consume and interact with content has reached a new level. Day-to-day industrial processes are changing, and all of this is driven by 5G. 5G provides substantial bandwidth where needed, as well as significantly lower latency, resulting in better communication between connected devices and better management of the energy used by device-to-device communication. Technologies such as virtualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and fully immersive experiences are key components that power the use, cases and business models that are expected to come with 5G.

FroXx GmbH is capitalizing on 5G offerings and the democratization of immersive technologies to become the preferred partner to onboard companies to reach the next level of digital transformation. FroXx Innovation Lab and Experience Center is a place to foster research and innovation and to provide intuitive solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. Companies on their digitalization journey, whether they are adopting technologies individually or planning a digital transformation overhaul, usually face huge issues in testing, measuring, and evaluating technology before implementing it. The Innovation Lab and Experience Center eases the burden of evaluating technologies, foreseeing risks, mitigating errors, and providing scalability.

A PoC provides “dos” and “don’ts” during the pre-development process. It highlights the errors and risks at an early stage. Pre-development addresses the implementation of necessary requirements and tests the solutions before going live. It is also now an environment for 3D remote services for Telecom & data centers to run maintenance and preventive operations.

About FroXx GmbH
Tech start-up FroXx GmbH was established in the Greater Berlin Area, Germany in July 2020. The company fosters seamless interaction between people and technology.

In an era in which physical and digital worlds blend, FroXx seeks to go beyond intuitive interactions with data and unlock new levels of user experience.
Through 3D remote services, digital products and consulting, the company will help its customers to be ready for ‘Industry 4.0.’

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