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Positive Climate Change Initiatives And Reforestation Of The Rainforests Are Primary Functions Of Save The Rainforest, Now Accepting Donations Of Any Size Through GoFundMe

All of us can now make a personal and powerful contribution to the effort to save the planet for ourselves, our children and future generations.


Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. While many components factor into climate change, one of the primary drivers of harmful climate change is the ongoing destruction of our rainforests. The devastation of the rainforest can only result in catastrophic consequences for the planet. It is not a question of "Should we" save the rainforests or "Can we" save the rainforests. Instead, we must save the rainforests to ensure our own survival.

That is the core mandate of Save The Rainforest. We can all play a part in the noble efforts of Save The Rainforest by simply making a small donation to the organization at their GoFundMe page. It is a gift that can combat climate change and help save the planet today and for future generations.

Save The Rainforest, founded in 1988, partners with indigenous communities in the Amazon Basin to protect and restore the Amazon Rainforest. An important aspect of this is reforesting degraded areas which results in habitat restoration and carbon capture.

They support Latin American nonprofit environmental organizations to establish and maintain sustainable ecotourism programs that provide them with an income stream.

Save The Rainforest also educates, inspires and enables youth to protect the planet through purposeful travel and post-trip engagement.

Save The Rainforest, Inc. began as a biology class project in 1988 in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Bruce Calhoun was teaching his biology class about rainforests from his firsthand experiences. The students were surprised to learn about the destruction of the rainforest that Mr. Calhoun shared with them because it was not to be found in their textbooks. They came to realize that students, teachers, the general public, and even textbook publishers were not informed about what was actually happening to rainforests. They decided to do something about it.

For their class project, the students created an informational packet about tropical rainforests and mailed it to every high school science teacher in the United States. In the packet they asked those teachers if they wanted to join a new club called "Save The Rainforest" and receive additional information.

?To their amazement, they received over 10,000 positive replies and a movement was born.

Save The Rainforest became one of the first groups to:
• Educate about the importance of rainforests.
• Offer “Adopt-An-Acre” programs.
• Help create the International Children’s Rainforest Network.
• Take teachers and students on trips to see the rainforest first-hand.

The legacy of founder Bruce Calhoun, Butch Beedle, and the early teacher and student Founders is real. Over 10,000 students have participated in life-changing trips and over $500,000 has been donated to protect and rehabilitate rainforest land.

Their vision for the future is broad in scope. With partnerships and a dedicated and professional staff, they support indigenous youth in their quest to become the next generation of forest protectors. They have worked with the Yakum Foundation for years and are supporting their efforts to protect their rainforest in Ecuador and build cultural, medicinal and food sovereignty.

Once the pandemic subsides, they intend to send thousands of students from all over the world on Save The Rainforest trips (the majority are which are from disadvantaged backgrounds) and protect 20,000+ more acres of vital, climate stabilizing rainforest over the next five years.

Donations of any size are welcome at the organization's GoFundMe page at More information is available at the Save The Rainforest website at

The importance of saving the rainforests cannot be overstated, and we cannot wait any longer.

About Save The Rainforest:

Save The Rainforest is a pioneering nonprofit founded by Bruce Calhoun and other educators and students in 1988. Since inception, more than 10,000 students have participated in their high-quality and sustainable trips. They have donated more than $500,000 to rainforest conservation efforts.

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