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Australian Motorhome Industry Preparing for Their Biggest Year Yet

Motorhome rental companies like Cruisin’ Motorhomes are rapidly expanding their fleet ahead of the demand and in preparation for a bustling year.


Due to a mix of caution, lockdowns, and travel restrictions, Australians have changed the way they travel in recent years. This has led to a significant rise in popularity for motorhome and campervan travel. Thanks to a growing trend of young families and senior couples embracing the #vanlife lifestyle. It’s becoming obvious that motorhome and campervan travel will again rise in popularity in 2022. Motorhome rental companies like Cruisin’ Motorhomes are rapidly expanding their fleet ahead of the demand and in preparation for a bustling year.

According to Tourism Australia’s 2021 report 14% of Australians chose campervans and motorhomes as their choice of accommodation in 2021, beating out private rentals, holiday homes & other accommodation alternatives. This is predicted to grow more so in 2022, with Tourism Australia’s Managing Director Phillipa stating that now more than ever, travellers are seeking natural wide-open and remote destinations.

Campervan and Motorhome travel has become a popular way to see Australia’s regional towns, to visit family and source fresh air and open roads. As the country is beginning to open back up, the popularity of motorhome holidaying isn’t slowing down.

To keep up with this rising demand, Cruisin Motorhomes are rapidly expanding their fleet of hi-top campervans and 2, 4 and 6 berth motorhomes in preparation for 2022. Data shows that demand will be high especially across the east coast of Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane and Cairns.

Commercial vehicles sales data and extended average waiting periods for van chassis indicate there may be a shortage of campervans and motorhomes until 2023. Planning motorhome holidays in advance is the best way to secure your dream holiday.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes’ campervans provide space for up to 4 people. A slightly smaller vehicle, they’re generally a budget option for single travellers, couples, or friends. The campervans are fitted out with beds, convenient and practical appliances but no toilet or shower.

Cruisin’s fleet of Motorhomes are all fitted out with a fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds, living and dining areas, toilet and shower. While trends are changing, the average renter is 30-65 years old – generally consisting of families or couples seeking a comfortable option.

As the Australian summer hits, travel needs are changing and consumer confidence is growing. Cruisin’ Motorhomes have been a supportive and trusted Australian company for 20+ years. They are excited to be supporting new travellers by evolving and expanding their fleet in 2022 and beyond.

Cruisin’ Motorhomes are a home-grown hire company offering a range of fully-equipped campervans and motorhomes – the ideal vehicles for self-driven adventures across Australia. With branches in?Brisbane,?Sydney,?Hobart,?Cairns?and?Melbourne, Cruisin’ Motorhomes gives travellers the chance hire motorhome and rent campervans to witness the true beauty of Australia.

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