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Fluffygram Looks to Reshape Social Media

Popular Social Media App for Pet Lovers Gives Members All the Control Fluffygram™, the leading social media app for fans of all-things-pet, vows to revolutionize how these platforms operate and cedes company oversight to its members.


Washington DC - Fluffygram™, a popular social media app geared towards those who love pets has a whole new approach, especially when it comes to social media platforms: eliminate the smoke screen of an advertiser-fueled corporate agenda and operate as a true community of members, solely supported by its members, with full transparency to its members.

Fluffygram markets itself as a safe space for both children and adults to freely interact with others who love and value their relationships with pets; a place where members can build their own authentic peer-to-peer groups and audience of fans minus interference from the platform; a place that puts its money where its mouth is and asks its members to follow the money and review its financials on a monthly basis.

As most social media users are aware, so-called “mainstream” platforms are perpetually mired in scandal and face public criticism for mass data collection and invasion of user privacy. Rather than “safeguard” their users as urged by Congress, these apps continue to foster the exploitation of its users. Just last month, the ‘Wall Street Journal’ reported that Facebook’s algorithm is designed to foster more user engagement in any way possible, including by sowing discord and rewarding outrage among its users.

With that said, we humans are social creatures and the pandemic has caused many of us to rely on social media now more than ever. More Americans than ever are taking a stand for their beliefs, whether it’s politically or as part of the ‘Great Resignation,' so why would we continue to support social media platforms which place so little priority on us as individuals with an inherent right to personal privacy?

This is just one of the questions that Alexander Acuna, CEO of Fluffygram, asked himself before pursuing the idea of a revolutionary type of social media platform. How could Fluffygram set itself apart from the unethical operations of other platforms while also assuring users of a social media community based on safety and personal privacy? How could the company offer financial transparency to its members and also give back to the communities it serves? As it turns out, Acuna incorporated those answers and more into the Fluffygram app. So what makes this social media app so different from the others?

1. Fluffygram is a social media app and that’s where its similarities with the other “big tech” social media platforms begin and end. If you’re concerned about what other platforms are doing with your data and it just so happens that you love pets, Fluffygram is the place to connect and network with others who share the same values. The company’s slogan, All Pets All The Time!™, underscores that point.

2. Last year, Alexander Acuna, CEO of Fluffygram, founded the company and established it as a national social media app using more than $165,000 USD of his own money. According to the Fluffygram website, he had the idea to create a revolutionary new one-of-kind community of pet lovers that took a hard turn from the standard social media business models which rely on advertising dollars and corporate secrecy. Acuna remains adamant that users not fear a breach of trust of their personal information and usage statistics.

“Our business model is designed to resist corruption and financial greed while providing full accountability and 100% transparency to its members. As part of this, we provide monthly reporting of all company activity, including financial reports that are shared online. Analytics show our members that our community is made up of real users, not click bots that are paid to increase followers,” explains Acuna.

3. Acuna based Fluffygram on a new way of doing business using the ‘Imagine Business Model® (IBM)’. The IBM is a business model that gives two-thirds of its profits right back to its members and its members’ local communities. However, the Imagine Business Model is not just designed for social media platforms - it can be used by anyone and is an open source concept that is free to everyone.

4. Not only does the IBM eliminate restrictive algorithms that limit your exposure to a narrow group of people or interests that support corporate advertising, it also fosters full transparency by reporting all company activity, including financial reports, to its members. This transparency - and the safeguarding of user privacy - is an inherent part of Fluffygram’s operating structure.

5. Even though Fluffygram has already proven to be self-sustaining - a rare feat for any start-up, regardless of business type - the reality is that Acuna needs to pursue other fundraising avenues at this point. Although Acuna has underwritten Fluffygram personally to this point, donations and financial support are what’s needed to continue Fluffygram’s unprecedented growth and take the next steps in further implementing the Imagine Business Model.

Acuna adds, “Converting our users to members is a vital aspect of the Fluffygram community. Its members play the most pivotal role in our being able to give back to the members themselves and their local communities. The fact is that Fluffygram is the perfect opportunity to show that the Imagine Business Model works!”

With 70% (or almost 91 million) of American households owning at least one pet, Fluffygram is a concept which will not find members to be in short supply. #Awesome!

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