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New 880 LED Means More Efficiency for Multiple Crops in High Bay Environments


Canadian based company, Aelius LED incorporates current research and customer feedback into their designs, which is how they came up with the newest addition to their lineup, The Aelius 880. The new LED provides growers with a sustainable multi-spectrum solution specifically designed to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance the genetic potential of crops grown in a high-bay environment.

“Growers are often met with the decision to sacrifice either coverage or efficiency, when in a high bay setting” said Ryan Kirwan, CEO of Aelius LED. “The Aelius 880 was specifically created to address these challenges, providing an innovative solution for large scale commercial operations.” The 880 perfectly fits the table dimensions of a 4 x 4 foot space, ensuring that all of the energy emitted from the light is directly focused on the plants, providing growers with a more economical and environmentally sustainable solution for their high-bay setting.

This fixture was designed to respond not only to the core challenges in the industry including yield, energy conservation, and quality but to provide commercial cultivators with unique spectrum options for craft cultivation on a larger scale. This includes incorporating innovative and dynamic passive cooling methods using copper pipe design that will increase overall energy efficiency while extending the lifespan of the light. The result is a powerful lightweight fixture (under 30lbs) that provides maximum light output in a minimal footprint.

“Developing a robust housing that will withstand the test of time is only half the battle,” said Kirwan. “The true success of the fixture is in the results that come from our spectrums – and the results speak for themselves.”

The Aelius 880 is available in four recipes providing growers with the ability to target the light spectrums to the specific needs of their crops, including the option to apply Aelius’ proven Far Red technology in a high bay and greenhouse applications.

“We’ve been innovating light technology for five years and are excited to continue to grow our lineup of products, to meet the needs of a wider customer base,” said Kirwan. Aelius is committed to discovering the specific challenges that their consumers are facing, and developing the LED products that offer solutions right from seed.

The Aelius 880 will be available in the following spectrums.

Spectrum1: White +660nn +10% 730nn ( for cannabis flower or larger fruiting crops)

Spectrum 2: White +660nn + 5% 730nn + 5% 780nn (Specifically formulated for craft cannabis flowering)
Spectrum 3: 15% white and 85% red (Supplemental Greenhouse lighting)

Spectrum 4, white +660nn +5% 730nn. (The standard full spectrum designed for a wide variety of cultivars)

The Aelius 880 is currently available for trial and will be officially launched for sale in February 2022.


Established in 2017, Aelius LED incorporates current research and customer feedback to develop quality commercial LED fixtures for the horticulture sector. They are committed to innovating a variety of LED products for all stages of a plant's life cycle. Aelius offers premium customer solutions and believes in the value of quality-built products that is backed up with their premium trial and superior customer service model. At Aelius, all of their customers and partners become a part of the #AeliusFam.

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