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PixelPlex IT Consulting Firm Shares an Update on Its Services

High-quality IT services are crucial for managing workflows, team collaboration, and ensuring business cybersecurity is in place. PixelPlex IT consulting services can help businesses with laying down proper IT structures.


PixelPlex, a software development and IT consulting company in New York, has recently announced an update on its IT consulting services. The update seeks to help entrepreneurs learn more about its processes and technologies at a glance. PixelPlex’s webpage reflects its growing IT service offering, experience, and successful projects.

On their webpage, PixelPlex highlights its four primary IT consulting areas and signature technologies. These main areas of services are:

Tech-powered enterprise transformation – using emerging technology such as blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR to custom make a seamless iterative IT route to future-proof business IT architectures.
IT product strategy consulting – helping businesses build strategies to achieve product design, prototyping, and development projects.
Technology advisory – for clients seeking advice and strategies to break tech barriers within their businesses and reach the desired efficiency, security, and productivity.
Dedicated IT consulting tasks – providing specific or fully managed IT and consulting services, assessments, and audits.

“With our IT consulting services, we want to help startups and enterprises use emerging technology, evolving tech trends, and integrate IT into the overall business strategy. We want businesses to take full advantage of the opportunities technology creates, including automation in business processes, capturing a wider market share, and improving productivity and revenue. Whether a client comes looking for support with an ongoing project, direction on IT investment, or guidance on choosing and implementing enterprise systems, we’re always ready for a good challenge,” shared the founder of PixelPlex.

Focusing on businesses in different industries and scales, the company aids startups to set up a stable IT architecture, SMEs to innovate and transform their current IT landscape, and building tech for government and large brands. Visitors and clients who want to learn more about IT consulting and get a deeper perspective of the services can contact the team and book a consultation session.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a software development and consulting company. It’s a leader in emerging innovation and technology services and offers comprehensive web and mobile app solutions integrated with IoT, AV/VR, IoT, and AI.

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520 West 28th St.
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Phone: +1 646 490 0772