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PixelPlex Explains the Spectrum of Their UX/UI Services

The UI/UX design of websites, apps, and other digital products is essential in boosting customer engagement and satisfaction. PixelPlex provides services that help businesses achieve goals in this sphere.


A global leader in software development and consulting, PixelPlex, is pleased to share an update on its enhanced UX/UI design services. The company’s updated UX design services page result from a thorough analysis of their clients' needs and the evolving design trends. The company shares what services it provides in the sphere of design.

The update will significantly benefit clients and visitors who have an idea for their projects but don't know where to begin can get guidance and direction they need to take. Similarly, businesses can choose a design partner to ensure that their websites and apps stay visually attractive, easily navigable, and usable across all business touchpoints.

Clients seeking new product development from the ground up or an overhaul of current digital products may count on PixelPlex’s tech stack and tools to make the process simple. Here are the new services that the team now provides:

Web design
Mobile & web app design
Branded product design
In-app user flows
Motion design
UI guidelines

“Visually appealing designs are very crucial to brand visibility and awareness, but so are navigability and interactivity. This is what helps a business enhance user engagement and boost conversions. At PixelPlex, we strive to guarantee our client's products are appealing, intuitive, and engaging. We aim to ensure that everyone looking to increase conversion rates and sales gets unmatched usability and innovative UI/UX design solutions to accomplish their goals,” the company’s CEO Alexei Dulub shared.

In terms of UI/UX design, PixelPlex has a proven track record in a wide range of industries and businesses of all scales. Some of the company’s successful UI/UX design projects highlighted on the landing page include MECA in the Oil and Gas industry, Doctime and Patientory for the healthcare industry, smart home apps, and many others.

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