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Stingray Branding Welcomes the Dawn of a New Day

Stingray Branding is thrilled to announce three monumental changes to the company that, as CEO Alan Thompson describes, “both embrace what the company has done well in the past while simultaneously looking ahead to the future.”


Stingray Branding’s New Website
The first major change to Stingray Branding is the new company website.

As a marketing agency with a focus on web design and web development, Stingray Branding strives to always lead by example. The company’s website should demonstrate all that the company has to offer, both from a content standpoint and user experience standpoint.

In other words, Stingray Branding believes that its website should serve as a sample for what its clients can expect when they place their trust in the Stingray Branding team. While CEO Alan Thompson felt that his company’s previous website did a great job in doing so, Mr. Thompson also believed that perhaps a new website could better convey Stingray’s quality and expertise in the industry. Thus, the Stingray Branding team went to work and turned a great website into an elite, state-of-the-art website that showcases the team’s true ability.

Stingray Branding Introduces a New Design to its Website
The first change to the website most visitors will notice is that the design will jump off the page to make a first impression that cannot be ignored. The various shades of teal, cyan, and turquoise in the background represent the vast ocean that makes up two-thirds of planet Earth. And as is the case with the quantity of water in the ocean, when a business or individual chooses to work with Stingray Branding, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Working in tandem with that colorful background to produce that unmistakable first impression is a combination of the Stingray team’s web design capabilities and the results the company has produced over the years. Within seconds of visiting the site’s homepage, prospective clients are greeted with a virtual billboard of information that details how Stingray Branding has satisfied hundreds of clients through various channels of marketing- and how the company can do the same for potential future clients.

But while undeniable in its importance, that first impression is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Stingray Branding’s website serving as a live demonstration of what the company can do for future clients.

Stingray Branding’s New Website Leaves No Stone Unturned
The company’s new website also comes equipped with tens of thousands of words of detail explaining every component of the company’s wide variety of services. This is done for two main reasons.

First and foremost, the company aims to be as transparent and as detailed as possible when it comes to what, exactly, it can do to help clients. The more information prospective clients can have in hand before a consultation with a company, the better.

Second, as part of the company’s goal to demonstrate what it can do for clients with its self-marketing, Stingray Branding’s website goes into the detail it does to assist with a critical piece to the digital marketing puzzle: search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engines such as Google appreciate details just as much as prospective clients do, and because of the machine being satisfied, the company’s website appears on the first page of every major search engine.

Stingray Branding’s New Staff Can Catapult Your Brand into Rarefied Air
The second major change to Stingray Branding’s operation is the new team of talented Stingrays that work together to provide an unparalleled marketing service.
Over the last eleven months, CEO Alan Thompson has added three new creative minds to his team, thus putting together what he calls a “dream team” of diverse individuals that power the company like never before.

Content Director Neil Shulman
Neil joined the Stingray Branding team in April of 2021, bringing eight years of professional content writing experience along with him. Included in that experience was the unmatched journey of building his sports blog, In All Kinds Of Weather, from scratch into one of the most highly trafficked Florida Gator blogs on the web. Neil quickly hit the ground running with Stingray Branding, growing clients’ online presence with bi-weekly SEO-driven blog posts to increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to their websites. Upon earning all five Google Ads certifications, Neil promptly began launching clients’ Google Ads campaigns to new heights. As the company’s content director, Neil ensures that clients’ brands are presented and marketed in ways that their target demographics cannot ignore.

Graphic Designer Ellie Lieberman
Ellie graced the Stingray Branding team with her vibrant personality and unparalleled creativity in June of 2021, moving from Los Angeles to Charleston in the process, and found a home. As a highly talented cartographer, social media influencer, and streamer with a passion for creating brand awareness, Ellie stepped into the role and began to develop a reputation for flooring clients with just how wildly she exceeded their expectations. In her first nine months with

Stingray Branding, Ellie has conceptualized and created over a dozen logos for new startup businesses and one personal brand logo for a future NFL football player, assisted Stingray’s web designer, Kym, in building new websites for clients, and helped several dozen fellow business owners shape their online brand.

Marketing Manager Kia Stokes
The newest member of the Stingray Branding team, Kia joined the company in February of 2022 and quickly went to work bolstering clients’ online footprints through her social media skills. Having developed her own followings on TikTok and Instagram, Kia knows how to craft a message and then elucidate it in a way that fellow social media users can’t ignore, and she brings that same expertise to her management of clients’ social media presences. In just over a month, Kia has mastered the art of bringing clients’ social media presences to the attention of new people every day, helping expand their virtual footprint with each expertly targeted post.

Stingray Branding Expands into a New Office
For much of its existence, Stingray Branding has mainly operated remotely. However, while Thompson notes that he was always pleased with the quality of the services his team was able to deliver remotely, he felt that it was time to bring a more face-to-face approach to his team’s operations.

“COVID has created a bit of a paradigm shift in the sense that more companies are operating remotely than ever before,” Thompson remarked. “We’re doing the opposite. We believe that there’s no substitute for in-person interactions between a marketing agency and a prospective client. So, while we will always be committed to following health protocols, and while some of our work will still be done remotely, we embrace the opportunity to meet with prospective clients face to face to establish the trust necessary to launch a healthy professional relationship.”

The result of Stingray’s face-to-face approach is a new, much larger office in North Charleston, which the team has moved into earlier this month. Now located at 8887 Old University Boulevard Suite 201 in North Charleston, the team can host in-person meetings with clients much easier. The Stingray Branding team is happy to enjoy quick collaboration on projects that involve multiple people and different skillsets while still the ability to work remotely with clients and other team members that are outside of the Charleston, SC Metro region or that prefer video conferences over having to travel to an office to meet or work.

Stingray Branding is hosting a Ribbon Cutting at the new office on April 28th at 3 pm.

“We’re excited about all the recent upgrades to Stingray Branding,” said Thompson. “This is truly the dawn of a new day for us.”


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