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3 Best SOLMIMI Headphone Splitter and Headset Adapter in 2022

SOLMIMI audio cables are by far the best quality and it works flawlessly, really great products.


I must have tried at least a hundred different cable solutions in my life for a mic+speaker splitter and recently I found that SOLMIMI splitters are by far the best quality and it works flawlessly! I cannot believe something of this quality exists on Amazon. Professional grade and it works with our audiophile/HiFi equipment! Really great products!

#SOLMIMI 3.5mm TRRS Headphone audio Splitter

This audio splitter is 3.5mm TRRS male to 2 TRRS female ports, CTIA standard.

With glossy jade-green metal housing, cristal nylon braid, this audio splitter is not just an outstanding audio cable, but also a classical collection. Works exactly as expected. Plugged into headset splitter connector on my laptop, then connected two headsets, laptop popped up the regular message box asking what was plugged in and assumed it was a headset as expected. Worked great to watch a movie on a plane with my significant other. And we have tried the microphone portion of the headset with both connected, also works well. But the seller said the splitter is TRRS standard, both two headsets should have TRRS audio plug when using the mic.

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#SOLMIMI 3.5mm TRRS Male to Dual TRS Female 3.5mm Headset Adapter

This headset splitter is different from the first one, it’s 3.5mm CTIA TRRS Male to Dual 3.5mm TRS Female, one female port for mic, and one for audio. It's compatible with ONE dual-plug gaming headset (with separate 3.5mm audio and microphone plugs, NOT 2 headphones), to connect to an audio+mic combo-jack device.

It's a turdy splitter for a great price!

For my office laptop, I needed a splitter since my headset comes with 2 males for sound and mic separate and as usual, SOLMIMI was my first brand to look for and didn't disappoint me with quality. It's about a foot long, metal housing with a very sturdy braided cable, no crackling noise and does the job very well.

From my personal experience, I recommend this splitter!

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#SOLMIMI Headset Splitter Adapter for PC

This audio splitter is 3.5mm CTIA TRRS female to 2 TRS male ports. One plug for the mic jack and one for the audio jack, designed to connect combo-plug headsets to a dual-TRS-jack PC or laptop.

This on its surface seems like a rather simple product and a person's expectations are quite simple. There isn't much higher praise to give something like this other than it does its job and does it well. The manufacturing of the product I received seemed to be flawless and while I haven't had it long, the materials seem like they will last for quite some time.

This does exaclty what is advertised. No loss in sound quality for headphones or microphone. Great Product!

I needed an adapted for my PC and since I already have other SOLMIMI products so I was sure this would be a quality one as well and it came exactly what I expected it to be

- It’s covered by strong nylon braids, it's soft touchable, tangle-free, and last
- step-down design is more friendly for a phone case
- Metal housing, even the joined area is metal I suppose
- About a foot long tip-to-tip, just the right size
- No crackling

- none so far

If you're looking for a good quality adapter for a good price, look no further, get it!

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