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Influencer and Award-Winning Tea Specialist Calls On Coffee Drinkers to "Quit Coffee" and "Drink Tea For A Happier Life"

Mary Ann Rollano, the voice behind Life Is Better With Tea, demonstrates how coffee drinkers can feel healthier, happier, and more fulfilled in their daily lives by switching to tea.


By replacing coffee with tea, coffee drinkers get the best morning pick-me-up without the crazy caffeine jitters and subsequent crashes.

"Tea is the perfect drink for mind and body."

POINT PLEASANT, NJ, April 06, 2022 /LifeIsBetterWithTea/ -- From Point Pleasant's beautiful Jersey Shores, Mary Ann inspires people everywhere to drink tea with affordable and fun tea options to fuel a healthy lifestyle.

When Mary Ann set out to make the "perfect iced tea," only the best natural ingredients would do. She chose to create her award-winning iced teas using the best teas from world tea estates. Celebrated for their all-natural "home-brewed taste," these sustainably brewed teas not only won top awards but remained delicious and healthy at only 80 calories per serving.

While the pandemic forced the closure of Mary Ann's bottled tea production, it opened up a new avenue for her to share her tea with the world.

"My website," Mary Ann says, "became another way for me to let everyone know how amazing real tea tastes."

Most of the world drinks tea except for America, a nation of coffee drinkers. Mary Ann wants to change that. "From secret ancient wisdom to modern science, tea's unique chemical properties make it the best drink. Life Is Better With Tea embraces the nature and philosophy of tea; happiness, balance, and wellness.

Teas are widely available at grocery stores, but they don't always have the best quality. Mary Ann has many favorite tea brands and makes quality choice recommendations on her website. With so many options, it's hard for beginners to know which tea to choose.

According to Mary Ann, "There is no perfect tea. There is only your tea". Any coffee drinker can find their ideal coffee replacement. She recommends going with a traditional breakfast tea with milk at first, settling into the tea taste while still getting the fuller mouthfeel coffee drinkers enjoy.

Mary Ann offers many other alternatives for the coffee drinker to transition into a tea drinker. By replacing coffee with tea, coffee drinkers get the best morning pick-me-up without the crazy caffeine jitters and subsequent crashes.

See Mary Ann's tips for coffee drinkers here:

Why tea?

Tea is a healthy beverage. More than 5,000 published medical studies have evidenced the health benefits of tea in the last ten years. The American Journal of Nutrition reports that green tea significantly reduces total cholesterol, including LDL or "bad" cholesterol, in the blood by 2.19 mg/dL.

Studies reveal that many diseases are largely preventable. The effects of drinking tea daily can start making a measurable difference in your body in as little as six weeks. For example, everyday tea drinking as part of a healthy diet may lower cardiovascular disease risks. Evidence implies drinking specific teas aid in relaxation, lower stress, dementia risk, and cognitive decline, and improve attention and psychomotor speed in advanced age. In addition, reports show tea polyphenols enhance the body's immune system.

Following healthy dietary guidelines clearly shows that we are in control of our health. Mary Ann says, "If you want to live well, start drinking tea!"

About Mary Ann and Life Is Better With Tea

Mary Ann Rollano is a 3x award-winning tea professional and registered nurse, writing authoritative tips on tea's nutritional, medicinal, and culinary joys. Mary Ann believes that "tea is more than a beverage. It's a lifestyle calming the mind while nourishing the body".

Writing, tasting, and researching extensively, Mary Ann explains how to select quality teas and herbs, brew tea properly, and create recipes with tea. She takes the reader on a delightful journey supporting wellness through practical information and rich details about specialty tea and herbs for a lifestyle of health.

Mary Ann first fell in love with tea in her mother's kitchen, where hot and iced teas were a daily staple. While struggling to enjoy bottled iced tea on the go, she discovered that a healthier bottled tea could replace the plethora of artificially created bottled teas on the market.

Tea positively impacted her. Brewing tea became a form of wellness, meditation, and relaxation. Thus, MaryAnna's Tea was born. While the pandemic may have ended the tea bottling production, Mary Ann expanded her writing on Life Is Better With Tea with collections of original tea recipes, tea guides, tea topics, ebooks, courses, and more.

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