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PixelPlex Adds Solana Development Services to Its Offering

Solana blockchain development allows businesses to capitalize on multi-purpose decentralized ledger technology (DLT) products and solutions. PixelPlex ensures these products and solutions are ingeniously effective in each use case.


PixelPlex, a New York-based custom software development company, has introduced an innovative addition to its services: Solana development. By adding Solana services, PixelPlex aims to leverage the network's demand and features in building DLT solutions and products.
The Solana blockchain is designed to provide fast, more scalable, and user-friendly decentralized applications. In theory, the Solana network can handle around 700,000 transactions per second (TPS) using a 1 Gbps network connection, as stated in the Solana whitepaper. Besides the desirable transaction speeds, Solana transactions are relatively cheaper than the popular Ethereum network.

More enterprises are looking to get their heads into offering blockchain solutions and building their long-term business goals. They can rely on PixelPlex’s longstanding blockchain experience to deliver stellar solutions on Solana. The company can build various solutions on the network, including blockchain development, audit, and support. One of the ways PixelPlex helps enterprises deploy Solana solutions includes smart contract development and audit. Because of the Sealevel protocol on Solana, smart contracts are much faster than other blockchains, including Ethereum. In addition, users can seamlessly transfer smart contracts from Ethereum to Solana.

The blockchain development team at PixelPlex assists clients in creating quality and custom Solana solutions with improved security, trust, and efficiency for numerous industries and business niches and scales. The company takes advantage of the growing need for friendlier and faster decentralized solutions to upgrade businesses with Solana solutions that are believed to offer better blockchain experiences.

The company has developed a workflow plan that allows its team to solve simple and complex client projects, from Solana consultation and business assessment to full solution deployment. This approach to projects and Solana-specific programming expertise, excellent Solana ecosystem skills, knowledge of Solana best practices and standards, and cross-domain and niche expertise has brought the company many wins. These include launching eight Solana projects and over 80 DLT projects. Company’s clients have raised over $500M so far using solutions PixelPlex has built for them.

With a decade worth of blockchain experience, PixelPlex understands what it takes to create futuristic, user-friendly, and scalable Solana projects at any scale.

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