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Expect Only Good from God:Secrets to Overcoming Ugly Situations

This new book, Expect Only Good from God, aims at clearing many misconceptions that people have about God and His goodness. It elucidates many topics about God's will for man in every situation, how to be free from self-condemnation, and how to overcome ugly situations.


Marietta, Ga., September 19, 2022- With this new book, Expect Only Good from God: Secrets to Overcoming Ugly Situations, the author, Evangelist Kelechi John, releases this work where he clears many misconceptions that people have about God, particularly as it concerns His nature of goodness. The book stresses on the way to freedom from self-condemnation. Whether you are young or old, believer or unbeliever, this book reveals the secrets to overcoming difficult and painful situations that anyone can face.

The author says, “Believers are not promised divine immunity from troubles, but are guaranteed deliverance and victory.” The book gives insight about the highly misunderstood statement of Job, “The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.” (Job 1:21).

The book explains how much God loves man, and how He is not behind the troubles that man faces. Kelechi John makes us understand that If God can send His Son, Jesus, to die for man, there is no reason for man to condemn himself or suffer for the same thing Jesus was condemned for. From his own experience, he shares how to overcome ugly situations. He believes and explains how the will of God for all is only good.

Millions of people across the globe are skeptical about what to expect from God, especially after passing through “perilous” situations. This book offers a clear answer to such skepticisms.

The book answers some of the toughest questions about God, such as: Since God is good to me, then why does He allow me to suffer pain? Did God send the Covid-19 pandemic? Does God send evil to man? Expect Only Good from God offers practical tips for handling self-condemnation and how to gain freedom from its grips. This is vital to know today because self-condemnation has taken away the lives of many.

John clarifies that when God allows something to happen, it does not mean or imply that He made it happen. Hence, if it is not good, then it is not from God, because His will for mankind is only good.

Pastor Olayinka Glory of RCL Ministries, Pennsylvania, USA said, “This book is very insightful and deep with the knowledge of God’s Word and will for His people.”

Expect Only Good from God is available in e-book and print versions at his website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Eden, and other online bookstores.

Kelechi John is an evangelist with an anointing for analytical and expositional teaching of the Word of God. He has many years of practical, simple, humorous, highly illustrative and life-applicable teaching of the gospel. He is the President and Coordinator of The Grace and Goodness of God Evangelical Ministry in Georgia, USA.

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