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Highly accomplished leader with a proven track record of creating prominent companies in security management and restaurant industries


Taste of Italy Co. will announce on Friday, September 30, 2022 that Mr. Greer has acquired ownership of Taste of Italy. The company’s board of directors has appointed him as CEO and Chairman of the board, effective August 30, 2022. Most recently Mr. Greer is also owner of Blum North LLC, a restaurant and bar in north Nashville and The Royal Society of the United States, an upscale lifestyle management company.

Mr. Greer has over 12 years of experience leading private security details and managing lifestyles of some of the world’s most influential celebrities and companies. While Mr. Greer served as CEO of The Royal Society, he also served great meals to impoverished communities inspired by his curiosity and potential to solve extraordinarily widespread problems faced by many. In Early 2022 Blum North LLC was developed to bridge hearty foods, entertainment, and nightlife with the community to spread the importance of awareness of hunger, poverty, and educational deficiencies.

“The board believes Toney is the ideal CEO to lead Taste of Italy’s next chapter of growth and success,”’ said Marie Jordan director of Taste of Italy Co.’s Board. “We have all been impressed by Toney’s strong track record of innovation, execution, and developing teams that drive results. Toney has always delivered high growth during rapid periods of industry disruptions and consumer change. He is a true leader in our city and we are excited to see him thrive as we embrace the embodiment of cultural inclusion Toney is the first black American to own an authentic Italian restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee.”

“I am honored to join Taste of Italy as its next owner and CEO,” said Mr. Greer. In my previous experiences with The Royal Society and Blum, I have developed a deep appreciation for what makes Taste of Italy so special. Taste of Italy’s success has always been deeply rooted in its robust Nashville community for nearly two decades. I believe the Company has tremendous opportunities to capitalize on this foundation, innovate for the future and grow its community. I look forward to working with our teams with a focus on strategies to develop innovative solutions to improve the lives of impoverished individuals and families experiences and provide more capabilities that will help them sustain and grow within our society.”

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