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Got Trauma? Because I have hope for you…

Book Release (non-fiction) - “Roar”, Elan’s debut book, is an inspirational tale of conquering a lifetime of traumas to live happily ever now.


Got trauma? Because I have hope for you…

“Writing Roar: Primed for Peace. Self-HealTrauma for Health, Happiness and Harmony saved my life, figuratively, if not literally.” - Sophia M. Elan

Chicago, Illinois, USA, October 12, 2022

Overall, Roar: Primed for Peace is a fierce work of emotionally resonant writing that is sure to uplift and help anyone who reads it.” - *K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite ??????????

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”
Carl Jung

“I chose happy…”, author Sophia Elan gratefully, decisively quips.

“Roar”, Elan’s debut book, is an inspirational tale of conquering a lifetime of traumas to live happily ever now. Elan is living proof that profound healing and authentic happiness are possible, despite traversing through a lifetime of abuses and traumas, including childhood sexual abuse, spousal attempted murder, traumatic brain injuries, heart-wrenching divorces and suicide attempts. She passionately believes that healing should not be elusive, despite having experienced “some of the most profound lows a human being can ever experience”.* This belief, she notes, was the catalyst for writing “Roar”, her cathartic journal of self-love.

“Roar” not only poignantly answers the question as to why we need to heal from unresolved traumas but also provides compassionate and practical guidance as to how to conquer a lifetime of traumas and abuses. Elan recoils from the designation of abuse “survivor”. She opts for the more optimistic, empowering designation of “conqueror”. Elan dubbed herself “The Naked Conqueror”, having vulnerably shared intimate details of her healing journey and victorious conquest of the demons that had haunted her since childhood.

Elan provides readers an authentic, unique insight into the trauma psyche and suicidal inclinations and empathetically shares the wisdom gleaned from her own healing path in hopes of helping others. Indeed, Elan’s uplifting journey results in: “… an epiphany and a philosophy on life that finally achieves true healing, and can be of great inspiration to others.”* As Elan notes, “I yearn to inspire others to similarly make their trauma stories history and truly move forward. My wish is for everyone to live a limitless life, fueled by savage self-love and self-respect. Healing does not happen in silence or solitude. Time to roar…”

Elan, now a full-time author, is a University of Chicago Law School alum and a retired corporate lawyer who traded her professional career to feed her soul and travel the world. An insatiable foodie and an avid health, fitness and travel enthusiast, Elan considers herself blessed to be traveling the world with her fourth passport and unquenchable zest for life in quest of simple pleasures. Her passions provide her with endless inspiration for her writing career. Elan lives along the exquisite Turkish Riviera, but has been traveling throughout France, Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, collecting memories and insights for her Mediterranean Me lifestyle brand and KISS (“keep it simple, sweetheart”) philosophy.

You can follow Elan’s escapades and purchase “Roar: Primed for Peace. Self-Heal Trauma for Health, Happiness and Harmony” at all major retailers, including Amazon,

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